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Grabbing Audience Attention During A Speech For Lakeland Public Relations

Nothing comes easy to Lakeland public relations experts. They find a solution to a problem. They fix the problem by writing a good speech. They brief the speaker about what to do and what not to do. And yet the biggest problem remains: there is no guarantee that the audience will listen to you.

No matter how well-researched and well-written your speech is, people will choose to do what they want to do during their speech unless you somehow harness the power to grab and hold their attention.

Here’s what you need to do:

Start with a bang

Every book is judged by the first sentence. You know how Moby Dick starts with “Call me Ishmael”? It sounds inviting, almost as if the author is directly speaking to the reader. How about when Earl Spencer spoke during the funeral of his sister, Princess Diana?

He said, “I stand before you today, the representative of a family in grief, in a country in mourning, before a world in shock.” These opening lines make the audience lean forward and listen closely. They are curious where the speaker will take them. In this scenario, the speaker has already captured the attention of the audience.

Connect the story to them

Make the story about your audience. Connect the topic to the audience—their fears, their desires, their pleasures, their insecurities, etc. They need to feel the connection with the topic and they need to understand why this topic is important.

If your speaker is talking about the healthcare system, make sure that there are examples of a family struggling to get the proper medication and health aid. Make the topic human and connect emotionally.

Add visuals

Talking about budget cuts, fiscal policies, and the healthcare system is hard enough to quantify without a talking head in front of the audience. Make sure that you include visuals into the speech.

Do not just stand there and talk about numbers. People will get lost. Point to a board—to a graph, pie, and chart. The audience will understand the concepts and ideas better when they see something that supports the speech.

Get to the point

Though there should be drama and surprise in the beginning of the speech, never forget that the speech should get to the point as soon as you catch the attention of your audience.

If you prolong their agony by making them listen to a never-ending speech, they would lose interest and you’ll lose the opportunity to convert them, too.

Lakeland Public Relations

Creating Lakeland Public Relations Strategy For Clients

Lakeland public relations is more than just writing a speech or a press release and making sure that there is an audience for these. Public relations is an end-to-end process that includes getting to know what the problem is, identifying the mistakes and how the issues could be resolved, managing dissenting opinions, and using the proper media outfits.

Identify the problem

You cannot create the right strategy for a problem without knowing what the problems and issues are. Imagine having to negotiate the terms of the deal without having any knowledge of what the deal is about.

Once you are hired to create a public relations strategy, the first thing you need to do would be to identify what the issues are and defining each point that must be addressed. The process would include an interview with the stakeholders and studying the documents that pertain to the problem.

Know your audience

Who are you going to talk to? Who are going to listen? To better craft the solutions, you need to know who will be at the other end of the communication lines. Where are these people coming from and what do they want to hear from your client.

How are they affected by the problem? What solutions would they find to be satisfactory? Once you are able to answer these questions, you will be on the right track of attacking the issues.

Hold a meeting

You need to gather all the stakeholders (representatives will do, of course) and hold a meeting with them. As a public relations expert, you should be able to manage and control the emotions during the meeting and make sure that there would be a sound solution by the end of day.

The point of this meeting would be to see how the stakeholders are reacting against the presence of each other. This would tell you what would work for a specific group and what will not. The information from the meeting could also allow you to pinpoint where the ideas merge.

Use the right media

Using the right media is critical to the success of your Lakeland public relations strategy. Use social media if your intended audience spend most of their time on the medium.

Use the traditional media of TV, radio, and print if you are targeting the older generation; the generations of your parents and grandparents. If your audience spend most of their time reading the newspaper, then make sure that your solution will be plastered on the front page (or the inside pages) of that newspaper.

Lakeland Public Relations

5 Effective Methods of Lakeland Public Relations

Small businesses and large corporations benefit a lot from Lakeland public relations. By using strategic and targeted communications techniques, small businesses can gain customers and develop relationships with them.

On the other hand, large corporations can attract the attention of big-time investors who could provide more capital for their business. Public relations techniques help businesses market their products and services. They influence the attitude of consumers toward the company.

Media information

Newspapers, television, radio, and magazines are important channels to communicate your company’s message to the general public. If you are going to launch a new product, you can use a press release to reach your target audience.

If you want to catch the attention of investors, you can send press releases targeted to business newspapers and finance TV shows to demonstrate to the editors and journalists how investing in your company could be beneficial for them.


The CEO of your company has a lot to say about industry standards and trends. Invite a journalist to interview the president of the company, so he could demonstrate how his business is a cut above the rest. There should also be speeches on conferences, seminars, trade shows, and investors meeting. All of these would help in creating a good reputation for the company, the owner, and its products.

Social media

How would you know how the public is reacting to your products/services and to your marketing strategies? Aside from the spike in sales, your best bet is to see what people are saying on social media.

You need to monitor any mentions about your company, and you need to engage with customers so they know that their opinions and suggestions are valued. People love giving products reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so make sure you read these, too.

Employee communication

Internal communication is important in every company. Your employees must know about new products and services, new policies, incoming investments, and any developments.

You can inform your employees through a memo, through an internal newsletter, or by meeting with them. Keeping them informed about the goings-on in the company will build trust and confidence.

Social responsibility

Volunteering for a local project or a local community event will strengthen the company’s ties with the public. It also demonstrates the company’s social responsibility. You can use this as a platform to publish your company’s policies and showcase the relevant products and services that you are offering.

This will establish your presence in the community so that people will be aware of your brand.

Lakeland Public Relations

Lakeland Public Relations Tricks For Your Business

Marketing and Lakeland public relations can become costly, most of the times. It involves renting billboard space, buying airtime, and paying for a whole page on the daily newspaper. This is not practical if you are just starting in your business. The capital is lean and the investment has not fully materialized. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks you can follow for a successful increase in sales and consumer base.

Reach out through email

A large number of mail from companies end up in the SPAM or the junk folder in the customers’ emails. The key is not to do this every single day. Instead, compose a well-targeted and well-written content that would attract the attention of the customers—from the title up to the time he finishes reading the email. Begin a monthly newspaper that your customers could subscribe to and keep them updated about the company.

Use social media effectively

Social media provides businesses of all kinds a platform for engaging with customers and promoting new products and services. Customers can give feedbacks through social media and they could comment on what they like and do not like about your company.

In turn, make sure to engage with customers and to answers their comments as factual as possible. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are all economical methods of promoting your company and expanding your network.

Establish your brand through blogging

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and potential investors, too. Think about a product you want to try. How would you know a sunblock or sunscreen lotion is effective without reading product reviews about it? You could not be contented with the product description provided by the company’s website.

You want reviews from actual people who have used it. That’s where blogging comes in. These are trustworthy sites that people link to time and time again. It gives your company credibility if you allow people to comment about your products.

Maintain relationships with journalists

Don’t throw away a journalist’s number after he has covered your product launching. Don’t burn bridges even if you have been somehow annoyed by the said journalist. Instead, maintain a good relationship with the media because future events will hinge on this relationship.

After his covering of the event or the product launch, you can send a simple thank-you note to the journalist. This will make him feel appreciated and in turn, he would love to cover future events of your company.

Lakeland Public Relations

The Many Facets of Lakeland Public Relations

Many thinks that Lakeland public relations is merely about boosting the reputation of a company or an individual. They don’t, of course, see the hard work that comes into play whenever an issue or a problem has to be faced. PR practitioners would need to keep establishing relationships with clients and the media to become successful in their strategies.

PR strategies are not suited for all kinds of issues. Some work better than the others on certain topics. That means there is a constant need to study every situation from all sides of the problem before making an informed decision on what strategy will work best. Public relations, however, is more than just the strategies they use. It is about, above others, building connections with clients and the media.

Relationship with clients

This is the most important relationship any PR company will have. Without a strong relationship with clients, PR would cease to exist. No matter how good your strategies are, how well-informed and how well-researched, nobody wants to work with an agency that does not know how to make these strategies work.

The one thing that could help the company in this regard is building a relationship with its client. That means knowing exactly what needs to be done because you know and have studied the character of the client. You know which strategy would work and which you would need to avoid. Clients love feeling that the PR company is working solely with their best interest at heart.

Relationship with the media

As a PR company, you are not required to pay the media to run your stories. You should “influence” them to build a story around your news releases and your speeches. The reason why the media would trust a PR company is because of the trust that has been built between the two sides.

There should be no history of hoodwinking the media or using them to run a false story. If something like this happened in the past, your clients will pay the price. No self-respecting media outfit would trust your company ever again, and that means doomsday for your clients as well.

Relationship with social media influencers

In this ever-changing world, we have seen everything—from world wars to defining sports history to celebrities airing their dirty laundry in public. One thing we didn’t anticipate? The so-called social media influencers.

They have changed the game entirely by endorsing products and services. Potential customers and buyers follow them like crazy. They idolize them and they think they can be like them, too. As a PR company, you should tap this group, too.

Lakeland Public Relations

4 Tips On Building Relationships With Lakeland Public Relations Clients

Lakeland public relations is all about relationships. The relationship your company has with its clients will define the success of your business. The relationship your company has with media outfits will attract clients to you. The relationship you’ve built with your employees will all make you better individuals in the long run.

Keep each other updated

Keep each other updated by having dinners and lunches and inviting each other to special events of the company. When there are events in your company, invite your clients over so they can get to know the employees, the investors, and the overall management of the PR agency.

They would be kept abreast about the current situation of the company and what it is doing to further improve their services and their products. Clients will love this information. And at the same time, you should always be updated about your clients. Hold regular meetings with them so they can brief you about their current situation.

Don’t charge exorbitantly

If you already have a retainer’s fee, you don’t need to charge per project. You should be continually working to improve the reputation of your client whether there is an existing issue or not. Charge an extra fee only if there is a special project that needs to be done and is outside the scope of the regular issues you are handling.

Actually, the more we think about it, there is enough reason for you not to charge for the extra services if you are already being paid a hefty retainer’s fee.

Invite them for company events

If you’re holding regular company events, make sure to extend an invitation to your clients. They would love to feel that they are a part of your growth as a company, and they would love knowing that you treat them as family.

This is one way to build a lasting relationship with your clients. Make them feel that their opinions and suggestions about your company matters to you. They would feel appreciate, and they would reward you by becoming loyal to your services.

Remember the special occasions

Is there an anniversary coming up? Is your client celebrating the anniversary of the company? Make sure to send a gift or flowers or a little trinket to let them know that you remember. You should even remember to send a gift during birthdays and Christmases to the person you are directly communicating with. They will love the gesture and will appreciate the kind of attention they are getting from your company.

Lakeland Public Relations

Finding Good Lakeland Public Relations Agents For Your Business

Having a business is both a curse and a blessing. For one, you are always on the tenterhooks of being a successful businessman with cash flowing from all directions. On the other hand, you could be a pauper the next day, with your business closing and your employees demanding for more benefit.

A business is a lot of work. It’s a huge work, wherein you have to invest your money, your time, and your effort into making it work. This is the reason it’s also critical that you put your money in a good Lakeland public relations agent or company that can help your business boost its presence in the industry and across different platforms.

These are the three most important Cs you have to consider when looking for a PR agent for your company:


A PR agent must be competitive. He must compete with the other agents vying for the chance to represent you. And once you have hired him, he should compete with himself. He should overdo what he has done in previous works and he must always try to be better than any other PR agents in the field. You want your PR agent to not only be efficient.

You want him to be the best, too, and that will show how he presents himself to you. Your first impression of him is probably the only impression that your target audience will get. This is also their first reaction when they are faced with your client.


What’s a PR genius without a flair for the languages? How could he be a PR expert if he doesn’t know how to communicate well? PR agents need to communicate with you to know what your business is about and what your goals are for the business.

They need to communicate with the team members to show them what needs to be done and how the goals of the business are going to be met. They need to communicate with the media to “influence” them into running stories about their clients and their businesses.


You think PR agents don’t need to be creative? PR agents have to be creative in the way they craft their messages and their strategies. They always have to think outside the box and find ways on how to send the messages across without having to pay for advertisements.

Remember that PR agents should not be using money to promote their clients’ messages and brand. They need to be more creative and present their messages in such a way that the target audience will seek it.

Lakeland Public Relations

Dealing With Journalists For Lakeland Public Relations

One of the most important relationships a Lakeland public relations company should nurture is the one with journalists. PR companies need to be on good terms with the journalism industry because it will be using it extensively. In order to reach the target audience and in order for your message to come across as legitimate, you need the good reputation of journalists. You need them to write about your clients in a positive light.

But if you have somehow burned that bridge, you won’t be getting anywhere. It might seem a little unfair on your part to have to deal with journalists all the time and for the success of your strategies to depend on your good relations with them. But, these are the realities of working in the PR industry. There’s simply a lot of friendships to be built even with people you personally are not fond of.

While you could always argue to have a professional relationship with journalists (instead of having to befriend them), it will benefit you more if you could nurture a strong friendship with them. It’s harder for journalists to ignore your PR statements and your little “favors” here and there if you have developed a relationship with them from the start.

Journalists and PR people fall under the same category—they are not the most liked people, especially in the industry they are in, which is communication. People look at journalists and PR specialists as something sort of a vulture. They think these people prey on the weak, spread a wrong message, and propagate views that are self-serving only.

And while there are journalists who work this way, there are those who stay true to the true meaning of journalism—to find the truth and to communicate it to the stakeholders, to be the voice of the voiceless, and to work for the interest of the general public.

PR companies then must invest in this relationship. Sometimes, it’s as simple as having a regular lunch or catch-up dinner with the journalists that cover your beat. Sometimes, it’s as simple as inviting them over to your clients’ events, so they can see for themselves how your clients are faring. This will create a good impression and it will benefit you and the clients in the end.

You should personally introduce your clients to the journalists. It works better that way. Journalists want an easy access to their subjects and it would be nice if your clients know how to deal with reporters. You should always find a way to “train” your clients on how to speak, how to say no, and when to shut their mouths (remember that sometimes, it’s just better to decline to comment).

Lakeland Public Relations

Top Benefits of Lakeland Public Relations For Your Business

Lakeland public relations helps companies get noticed by investors, clients, and employees. And yet, many businesses prefer to invest in advertisements rather than in public relations, which are two different things. While advertisements use mostly paid media outputs, public relations promote an idea, a concept, and a business through non-paid communication tactics.

Enhance media relations

Whether you’re a big or a small business, it is important that you maintain a good relationship with your local and national media. This means having the contact numbers of editors to be able to disburse news releases and write guest editorials. This will give you a lot of influence in your community and it would be easier for you to use the influence of media for your business promotion.

Improve relationship with employees

A good public relations strategy would also take into account your company’s employees. That means producing newsletters, in-house communication, events, and programs intended to display the business’ commitment to its employees. Your people should feel that they are a part of the company, of the family.

Strengthen community presence

Enterprises must keep a steady relationship with the local community, and that means partnering with local groups, collaborating with charitable institutions, and joining causes and advocacies. An understanding of how a community works will help in enhancing the presence and the positioning of your brand.

Improve ties with the industry

What industry are you in? No matter what it is, if it’s the auto industry or the food industry or the retail industry, you must tap the resources available to your business through engaging and building relationships with even your competitions.

Join an industry association and take part in the industry-sponsored events. You should sponsor events, too, so that the community and the industry will get to know your business better. Make sure that your participation in events and programs are well-documented because this is where public relations will come in.

Better engagement with public officials

There is no way you could build a successful business without ties to government and public officials. Use Lakeland public relations to get noticed by the important public officers in your locality. Your investment in PR strategies that would help you get noticed by government officials will be worth it.

Besides, being friendly with the local government would help your business get noticed by the clients, too. A good PR will create a favorable impression for your business and thus bring inquiries, sales, and endorsements/recommendations.

Lakeland Public Relations

6 Tips For Creating An Effective Speech For Lakeland Public Relations

Every politician or businessman or influential personality in the nation or the community should be able to deliver a speech that could win the crowd. This is what makes former President Barack Obama special—that ability to capture the crowd with his words and how they deliver them. But the compliment should lie on the feet of those who write that speech to wow the crowd or to gain traction for Lakeland public relations. Whether you are a community leader or a bigtime politician in the state, you should be able to bring out the best in you through your speech.

Choose your main idea

People remember very little from speeches, so you should focus on one important topic only. Choose your main ideas and work from these topics. Just give your crowd one or two ideas, so they can focus on these ideas. Nothing would come out of pushing numerous topics in a one-minute speech.

Write like you talk

Don’t be too formal in your speech or it will be boring and it won’t get the crowd going. Write casually, as if you’re talking to a friend or a relative. Remember that you are writing a speech and not an essay.

People will hear the speech, so you should make it conversational rather than formal and strict. The best way to write a speech is to use short sentences and use contractions. Do you use big words when talking to someone? No, right? Use simple words to get your message across.

Use examples

People will better understand what you mean if you show them an example of an idea or a concept that you are pushing. Put everything into perspective. For example, instead of saying that children need an open space to hone their skills in sports, you should be specific and say that the community needs more basketball, baseball, and soccer fields. That sounds better, right?

Do your research

Get your facts together. Bring out the charts and the figures. Make sure that your listeners know you have read and studied the issue you’re bringing up. They would respect you more for the effort you took to study what you are talking about.

If you are speaking about health issues, you should be able to tell the crowd what illnesses and ailments have been on the rise in the past year and how you could effectively address the situation.

Write with persuasion

The best way to persuade your listeners is to present a solution to the problem. Why are you giving a speech in the first place? Just to highlight a problem? After highlighting the problem, provide a simple solution that you think will work to address the issue.


Read your speech again and simplify concepts, ideas, and words. Make sure that the speech is much more understandable when you deliver it than when you write it. Fewer and simpler words make for a clearer point in Lakeland public relations.