Even before the pandemic, the world is already changing for Lakeland public relations. There was already a great need for it to recreate and reimagine its purpose to keep up with the new trends. The pandemic accelerated these changes and puts pressure on the industry to re-carve a niche for itself again. So, what’s the agenda for 2021?

Exhibit Authenticity

Nothing else matters now in every industry other than the authenticity of the brands. Public relations agencies must work to help brands identify who they are, and what makes them better than their competitors. They need to communicate this authenticity through internal communications with their staff and through external campaigns that will bring more audience to the company.

Reimagine Purpose

Marketing a company has become easier because of digital devices and platforms like social media. With just a click of a button, businesses can reach out and engage with their audience. This is making it hard for PR agencies to carve a role for themselves in this entirely new world that modern technology created. Where should they begin?

Now more than ever, PRs need to identify themselves as a separate entity from marketing agents. PR is different because PR is earned. That mantra should be repeated again and again until clients fully understand that they cannot reap the rewards of PR through marketing strategies.

Solving Societal Dilemma

Marketing is all about selling a product or a service. PR is different because it worries about the reputation of the company. Society is linked. We saw that during the outbreak of the coronavirus. PRs need to show the human value of the company. Why does it matter to its customers? What can it bring to the table? Companies who want good PR must show how they are contributing to solving societal dilemmas and challenges.

Centered Around Consumers

PRs need to answer the age-old question: what do consumers want? They need to address the issues that hound consumers. This is not about the clients per se anymore. If your strategy doesn’t evoke the right emotions from your target audience, you’ll never be given that chance again. Most of the time, PR agencies only have one shot to make their case known. If the consumers don’t see the value in what you are offering, they’ll most likely not give you a second look.

The Lakeland public relations is no different from any other industry. It, too, has been badly affected by the pandemic. But it has been a long time coming since the effect of digital marketing in the PR industry has been prevalent since before the pandemic.