Lakeland public relations is all about relationships. The relationship your company has with its clients will define the success of your business. The relationship your company has with media outfits will attract clients to you. The relationship you’ve built with your employees will all make you better individuals in the long run.

Keep each other updated

Keep each other updated by having dinners and lunches and inviting each other to special events of the company. When there are events in your company, invite your clients over so they can get to know the employees, the investors, and the overall management of the PR agency.

They would be kept abreast about the current situation of the company and what it is doing to further improve their services and their products. Clients will love this information. And at the same time, you should always be updated about your clients. Hold regular meetings with them so they can brief you about their current situation.

Don’t charge exorbitantly

If you already have a retainer’s fee, you don’t need to charge per project. You should be continually working to improve the reputation of your client whether there is an existing issue or not. Charge an extra fee only if there is a special project that needs to be done and is outside the scope of the regular issues you are handling.

Actually, the more we think about it, there is enough reason for you not to charge for the extra services if you are already being paid a hefty retainer’s fee.

Invite them for company events

If you’re holding regular company events, make sure to extend an invitation to your clients. They would love to feel that they are a part of your growth as a company, and they would love knowing that you treat them as family.

This is one way to build a lasting relationship with your clients. Make them feel that their opinions and suggestions about your company matters to you. They would feel appreciate, and they would reward you by becoming loyal to your services.

Remember the special occasions

Is there an anniversary coming up? Is your client celebrating the anniversary of the company? Make sure to send a gift or flowers or a little trinket to let them know that you remember. You should even remember to send a gift during birthdays and Christmases to the person you are directly communicating with. They will love the gesture and will appreciate the kind of attention they are getting from your company.