Every politician or businessman or influential personality in the nation or the community should be able to deliver a speech that could win the crowd. This is what makes former President Barack Obama special—that ability to capture the crowd with his words and how they deliver them. But the compliment should lie on the feet of those who write that speech to wow the crowd or to gain traction for Lakeland public relations. Whether you are a community leader or a bigtime politician in the state, you should be able to bring out the best in you through your speech.

Choose your main idea

People remember very little from speeches, so you should focus on one important topic only. Choose your main ideas and work from these topics. Just give your crowd one or two ideas, so they can focus on these ideas. Nothing would come out of pushing numerous topics in a one-minute speech.

Write like you talk

Don’t be too formal in your speech or it will be boring and it won’t get the crowd going. Write casually, as if you’re talking to a friend or a relative. Remember that you are writing a speech and not an essay.

People will hear the speech, so you should make it conversational rather than formal and strict. The best way to write a speech is to use short sentences and use contractions. Do you use big words when talking to someone? No, right? Use simple words to get your message across.

Use examples

People will better understand what you mean if you show them an example of an idea or a concept that you are pushing. Put everything into perspective. For example, instead of saying that children need an open space to hone their skills in sports, you should be specific and say that the community needs more basketball, baseball, and soccer fields. That sounds better, right?

Do your research

Get your facts together. Bring out the charts and the figures. Make sure that your listeners know you have read and studied the issue you’re bringing up. They would respect you more for the effort you took to study what you are talking about.

If you are speaking about health issues, you should be able to tell the crowd what illnesses and ailments have been on the rise in the past year and how you could effectively address the situation.

Write with persuasion

The best way to persuade your listeners is to present a solution to the problem. Why are you giving a speech in the first place? Just to highlight a problem? After highlighting the problem, provide a simple solution that you think will work to address the issue.


Read your speech again and simplify concepts, ideas, and words. Make sure that the speech is much more understandable when you deliver it than when you write it. Fewer and simpler words make for a clearer point in Lakeland public relations.