“Lakeland Public Relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and the Lakeland public.”

BrightSky Public Relations is a Lakeland public relations firm developed to help organizations develop, plan, manage and implement long-term strategies for dealing with their public image and managing their brand. BrightSky Public Relations is owned and managed by Business Marketing LLC a well respected marketing company established in 1985.

As a management function, BrightSky Public Relations also encompasses the following disciplines:

• BrightSky anticipates, analyzes, and interprets public opinion, attitudes and the issues that might impact, for positive or negative, the plans and operations of the organization.

• BrightSky will counsel management at all levels in the organization regarding policy decisions, courses of communications and action, while taking into account the public ramifications and the organizations social and citizens responsibilities.

• BrightSky will research and evaluate on a continuing basis the programs of action and communications needed to achieve the level of informed public and their understanding needed for the success of an organization’s aims.

• BrightSky will plan and implement the organization’s efforts for influencing or changing public policy. Establish objectives, planning, budgeting, recruiting and training staff, developing facilities and in short, managing the resources needed to perform all we have listed above.

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