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Two Ways To Create News For Lakeland Public Relations

It is important for any business to understand the nature of news as it pertains to Lakeland public relations. There are basically two ways to create news for your Lakeland public relations business: one is to create a story and two is to follow a story. Both of these are highly effective at what they aim to do: promote a business and boost the business’ reputation.

You can’t be on the front page of The New York Times simply because you want it or you have the money for it. Getting a story published, especially on an important portion of the paper, just because you want it doesn’t matter.

Journalists, bloggers, editors, and influencers are all going to ask one thing: What’s in it for me? Why should the journalists care about your story and your Lakeland public relations business? What’s in it for them and their audience?

Do you want to make news? Here are two ways you can do that:

Create a story

This works if you have something you want to introduce to your public. You can create a story if there is a new car, a new app, a new market, a new CEO in the company, a new merger, a new business plan, a new award, or something of this nature.

You can make the front page and the headlines through many different means and that include a press conference or a written press release, or other means of Lakeland public relations.

You can use these platforms to persuade journalists to write about your story or for editors to write about your company on the opinion page. You also need to persuade bloggers and influencers to talk about your company and your products on social media.

If you have the budget for it, you can host a big press conference that will allow you use your Lakeland public relations to speak before a group of stakeholders. If you’re a small-time business with little resources, you can do a simple phone and email survey of peers, clients, and suppliers, as a small, yet effective form of Lakeland public relations.

Follow a story

Sometimes, when you are lucky, the opportunity will knock and you will simply have to respond. If there is a story out there that made it in the news, you can hinge your goals to that story and follow it.

Journalists often need experts to comment on their news pieces. For example, there was a plunge in the stock market and you’re a stock analyst. You can send a press release about your own analysis of the situation.

Journalists would pounce on that as long as it’s accurate and you have the authority to voice your opinion about the stock market. Businesses can insert themselves into the story, making themselves relevant through current issues that plague the nation.

Lakeland Public Relations

How A Crisis Plan Can Help Lakeland Public Relations During Controversies

When scandals, bad news, and controversies hit, what is the first thought in your mind? You’d want to melt into the ground and just forget about the world, right? But good businesses, the ones that survive a scandal, will keep moving forward and will handle their Lakeland public relations nightmare professionally and expertly.

Emphasize your business’ positive track record

This would only work if your business has a proven positive track record. You need to remind the public that the problem is a one-off issue and that it is not part of your company’s tradition to make mistakes like these.

In Lakeland public relations, it is important to put the situation in context and remind the public that this never happened to your business before and you will do everything for it never to happen again in the future.

Leaders must take responsibility

You cannot spin a scandal, even with the best Lakeland public relations. The key components to a sound communication strategy and crisis plan in your Lakeland public relations are honesty and accountability. People are looking for someone to explain to them how the crisis happened and how it will be handled differently from now on.

You need to issue regular statements either at press conferences or in a written form to address the scandal that is rocking your company. People want answers and you have to give it to them and use an emphatic face that they could connect with.

Talk to your customers

You cannot assume that just because you haven’t addressed the issue, your customers won’t pounce on it like vultures. The opposite will happen. The more you try to neglect to address the issue, the more people will jump to their own conclusions.

By the time you decide that you should talk to them, they would have already formulated their own theories about what happened. Your customers deserve to know the truth from you.

Avoid vague and impersonal responses

If there is an issue about your company, you need to address that specific issue in your Lakeland public relations and create a response tailor-fit to explain to the viewers what the issue is all about and how the company is dealing with it. You cannot be vague with your answers and expect your customers to just believe what you said, hook, line, and sinker.

Your audience would presume the worst about your company since your response is bordering on the defensive and you failed to address the issue on hand. Whatever the issue is, respond to it by addressing the key points and personalizing your response.

Lakeland Public Relations

8 Lakeland Public Relations Tips From Experts

If you own a business but could not afford to hire a Lakeland public relations consultant, that does not mean that you cannot do the Lakeland pubic relations stuff yourself. Though this is a highly technical job that requires people with great knowledge and experience, you can follow through some of the tips you’ll find here from Lakeland public relations experts to engage with the public (your audience) better.

Solidify your key messages

Your key message will appear on all kinds of marketing strategies and platforms. It will also affect the way you communicate with employees, reporters, investors, customers, board members, and industry analysts. Your key messages should remain consistent and they should emphasize your core strength.

Identify what is newsworthy

If you want reporters to cover your business, there should be something newsworthy about you. What would be of interest to the people? That’s the first thing that media ask itself when vetting a story out.

Know your journalists

You should know the journalists who cover the industry you are in. Read their articles and get to know them through their LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. By familiarizing yourself with the stories they do, you will be able to get an idea of what stories sell and what do not.

Write a press release

A press release should inform rather than sell. That’s the most critical component of a business owner. He should realize that the press release should be interesting and should be informative. The sell will happen once you have informed (and persuaded through this information) the target market. Work with local Lakeland public relations firms to achieve this.

Be responsive

When an email pops up on your screen, answer it as soon as you can. If you cannot give a definitive answer, simply respond that you will get back to the sender as soon as you have the right information.

Work with local Lakeland public relations firms or freelancers

Local Lakeland public relations firms and freelancers know more about the area than any big PR corporations. They are also cheaper and they are willing to do the hard work to impress any client.

Build relationships with bloggers

Not so many years ago, bloggers don’t have this much influence on your target market. But we’re living in a different world now and your marketing strategies should change with the times. Don’t be so focused on journalists that you forget about the bloggers, influencers, and freelancers.

Make use of social media

Finally, make use of social media. You could not survive today’s marketing industry without using social media. It’s free. It’s effective. It’s the fastest way to get your message across to the audience and measure their feedback.

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Why Work With Local Lakeland Public Relations

When choosing a Lakeland public relations agency, you have to consider two options: a big corporate PR firm or a local PR agency that hires people from the local community.

While we tend to side with the big PR firms thinking that they have better knowledge and they will craft better strategies, it might be better for our small businesses to work with a local firm. A local firm would know just how to handle the issues because they are closer to the community and they have an ear on the ground.

They know the area better

Local Lakeland public relations firms know the area better than anyone else. No one knows the locality much like a PR firm that is based there. They have studied and researched about the area and the market there. They know the people and the community.

They know what they like, what they want, what their lifestyles are, and what kind of backgrounds they came from. Building a strategy would require that the PR firm would have a good grasp of who the strategy is for and that means knowing the target market.

They will work hard to impress you

It’s not that big corporate PR agencies are less passionate about their work. It’s just that local Lakeland public relations firms are working doubly hard to impress clients because they want to be on the big stage in the future.

They are still making a name for themselves, so they will work twice as hard to gain your trust and your recommendation. They want to be known in the state and maybe even in the country, so they are extra passionate about impressing you with the quality of their work.

They have a close relationship with the community

Local Lakeland public relations firms care about the community you are living in. They want the best for the community, too, so they won’t try to hoodwink your target market with false advertising.

On the other hand, the community might trust your business better if you will also use a firm that they are more familiar with. They know the people behind the agency so they will trust your advertising and marketing methods more.

They offer cheaper services

Local Lakeland public relations firms are, of course, cheaper than the big corporate PR agencies. They haven’t made it yet, so they can offer their services for less the price than those big ones in the city.

If you are just starting in the business, this is a good opportunity for you to test the waters and see what kind of strategies would work for your business without shelling that much money.

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Crisis Management In Lakeland Public Relations

All businesses, at some point, will face a Lakeland public relations crisis. How you respond to the crisis will either boost the image and reputation of the company or significantly damage the brand.

PR specialists know how to change public perception with the right words and marketing strategies. They know that using the right strategies can alleviate the effects of a crisis on a business.

But handling a crisis is not the only role of a PR specialist. Many organizations still don’t understand what this job entails. All they think is that PR experts respond to angry customers and sweep the negativities under the rug.

Offer advice and guidance

The first thing that a PR expert must do is assess the situation and offer advice on how the business should address the issue.

To be able to provide the right guidance, the Lakeland public relations practitioner must evaluate the background of the company, the nature of the current issue, and the context of the problem. This will help determine the right marketing strategies to address the issues.

Handle the press and the media

A Lakeland public relations expert will work “reactively” rather than “aggressively.” The PR practitioner is mostly on the defense rather than the offense. A business cannot offer more information than what is being questioned by the media.

Otherwise, the business will be facing more problems than what the current issues are. Instead, a Lakeland public relations expert will draft support materials and statements on behalf of the client, so the company is ready to answer any questions presented by the press.

PR practitioners can also take over the whole handling-the-press issue. Instead of drafting the statements that the clients will deliver, the PR experts can make the statements themselves.

All the while, the Lakeland public relations experts will continue to give advice on how the business can maintain the loyalty of their customers, shareholders, and investors.

Support during post-crisis

After the crisis has been handled, there will still be a lot to do for the company to regain its original reputation. This is when the public relations company must develop plans to heal the damage done during the disaster. They must create a strategy that draws more attention to the positive aspects of the brand.

Lakeland public relations experts must also set up interviews and press releases that will take the public attention away from the issues and refocus it on what the company is offering.

The company should be able to get back to “business as usual.” There should be plans to create a strategy that will prevent the same incident from happening again.

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Ways That Lakeland Public Relations Can Manage A Business’ Social Media Presence

Social media started out as a fun way to connect with friends and family. We signed up to it with the intention of communication with friends from faraway places and reconnecting with family members we haven’t seen in years. We left Friendster testimonials on each other’s pages and we designed our MySpace with as much glittery flair as possible. Who would have thought that it would become the most affordable, most powerful, and most enticing avenue to apply those Lakeland public relations strategies on?

Small and big businesses are hiring social media managers to manage their accounts and build their reputation on this vast world of social media.

Develop marketing strategies

The social media manager should develop marketing strategies that are based on the goals of the business. How can these goals be reached using social media? That is the question that social media managers must ask themselves before developing a strategy.

Set up social media accounts

Once the strategy has been finalized, it is time to set up a social media account for the client. The account should reflect the name of the business, the operating hours, the price range, the website, address, and contact information. It is the responsibility of the social media manager to provide useful and important information on the client’s social media account.

Post content on behalf of the client

There should be a regular posting of content on the account. Content will not be limited to blog posts. There should be graphics, animations, photos, videos, links, and everything under the sun. The content should, of course, be related to the business.

Stay current and share trends relative to the client’s business

There is nothing worse than visiting a Facebook account that has not been updated in months. Sometimes, customers would think that the store has closed down or that the business was not operational anymore. Stay current and if there’s a latest trend on social media, try to get in on the fun by sharing useful content to your followers.

Increase the number of followers

There are different strategies you can use to increase the page’s number of followers. You can host a contest where the requirement is to follow the page for a chance to win a major prize. The goal is to accumulate as many followers as you can to help the business.

Engage with followers

Your followers will leave comments and suggestions on your page. Make sure to engage with your followers—answer their questions and reply to their comments. Make them feel that their engagement is important.

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The Many Facets of Lakeland Public Relations

Many thinks that Lakeland public relations is merely about boosting the reputation of a company or an individual. They don’t, of course, see the hard work that comes into play whenever an issue or a problem has to be faced. PR practitioners would need to keep establishing relationships with clients and the media to become successful in their strategies.

PR strategies are not suited for all kinds of issues. Some work better than the others on certain topics. That means there is a constant need to study every situation from all sides of the problem before making an informed decision on what strategy will work best. Public relations, however, is more than just the strategies they use. It is about, above others, building connections with clients and the media.

Relationship with clients

This is the most important relationship any PR company will have. Without a strong relationship with clients, PR would cease to exist. No matter how good your strategies are, how well-informed and how well-researched, nobody wants to work with an agency that does not know how to make these strategies work.

The one thing that could help the company in this regard is building a relationship with its client. That means knowing exactly what needs to be done because you know and have studied the character of the client. You know which strategy would work and which you would need to avoid. Clients love feeling that the PR company is working solely with their best interest at heart.

Relationship with the media

As a PR company, you are not required to pay the media to run your stories. You should “influence” them to build a story around your news releases and your speeches. The reason why the media would trust a PR company is because of the trust that has been built between the two sides.

There should be no history of hoodwinking the media or using them to run a false story. If something like this happened in the past, your clients will pay the price. No self-respecting media outfit would trust your company ever again, and that means doomsday for your clients as well.

Relationship with social media influencers

In this ever-changing world, we have seen everything—from world wars to defining sports history to celebrities airing their dirty laundry in public. One thing we didn’t anticipate? The so-called social media influencers.

They have changed the game entirely by endorsing products and services. Potential customers and buyers follow them like crazy. They idolize them and they think they can be like them, too. As a PR company, you should tap this group, too.

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4 Tips On Building Relationships With Lakeland Public Relations Clients

Lakeland public relations is all about relationships. The relationship your company has with its clients will define the success of your business. The relationship your company has with media outfits will attract clients to you. The relationship you’ve built with your employees will all make you better individuals in the long run.

Keep each other updated

Keep each other updated by having dinners and lunches and inviting each other to special events of the company. When there are events in your company, invite your clients over so they can get to know the employees, the investors, and the overall management of the PR agency.

They would be kept abreast about the current situation of the company and what it is doing to further improve their services and their products. Clients will love this information. And at the same time, you should always be updated about your clients. Hold regular meetings with them so they can brief you about their current situation.

Don’t charge exorbitantly

If you already have a retainer’s fee, you don’t need to charge per project. You should be continually working to improve the reputation of your client whether there is an existing issue or not. Charge an extra fee only if there is a special project that needs to be done and is outside the scope of the regular issues you are handling.

Actually, the more we think about it, there is enough reason for you not to charge for the extra services if you are already being paid a hefty retainer’s fee.

Invite them for company events

If you’re holding regular company events, make sure to extend an invitation to your clients. They would love to feel that they are a part of your growth as a company, and they would love knowing that you treat them as family.

This is one way to build a lasting relationship with your clients. Make them feel that their opinions and suggestions about your company matters to you. They would feel appreciate, and they would reward you by becoming loyal to your services.

Remember the special occasions

Is there an anniversary coming up? Is your client celebrating the anniversary of the company? Make sure to send a gift or flowers or a little trinket to let them know that you remember. You should even remember to send a gift during birthdays and Christmases to the person you are directly communicating with. They will love the gesture and will appreciate the kind of attention they are getting from your company.

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Lakeland Public Relations – Do we need Lakeland PR?


When we interview prospective clients and ask them what their understanding of a Lakeland public relations firm is we get interesting answers. The number one hurdle in the minds of the people we meet with is they have an image in their mind of a Fortune 500 company hiring a large PR firm or Advertising agency as we all grew up seeing in movies and tv dramas. They just don’t see their organization it those ways and assume the hiring of a PR firm to be financially out of reach and almost pretentious to even think of doing so.

Let’s clarify. Do Fortune 500 companies retain the services of high priced PR firms? Yes, they spend mega money for these services and if any of them are reading this post we encourage them to contact and hire us immediately ;)

So back to the real world. Do small to mid-sized organizations really need a PR firm and can they afford it? Yes and yes. Responsible organizations desiring to grow and build a solid foundation for longevity need to either hire internal talent to help guide the ship or they need to hire an outside firm to gain the skill sets they lack.

Have you noticed in all cities that when you ask who to call for any common service you will get a list of names with the top three being almost an exact match? Someone in these firms over the years has earned these reputations through hard honest work, consistent advertising, great sales teams, and many other ways. Something healthy and positive is going on.

Would you like for your organization to be on that short list or would you like to maintain your hard earned reputation and make sure you stay there? We need to speak.
What about the cost issue? That’s a great question. The cost to your business or organization of not having a well thought out PR and Marketing plan that all members of your team know and follow can be huge. What is the value of a customer, donor, investor?

Now if you meant what does it cost to hire us to handle your PR needs then you’ll be excited to know that we have plans available that all organizations can afford and will benefit from.

Give us a call to discuss your Lakeland Public Relations needs and let’s discover what areas of your organization will benefit from having talented people rethinking and promoting you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to speaking soon.