Having a business is both a curse and a blessing. For one, you are always on the tenterhooks of being a successful businessman with cash flowing from all directions. On the other hand, you could be a pauper the next day, with your business closing and your employees demanding for more benefit.

A business is a lot of work. It’s a huge work, wherein you have to invest your money, your time, and your effort into making it work. This is the reason it’s also critical that you put your money in a good Lakeland public relations agent or company that can help your business boost its presence in the industry and across different platforms.

These are the three most important Cs you have to consider when looking for a PR agent for your company:


A PR agent must be competitive. He must compete with the other agents vying for the chance to represent you. And once you have hired him, he should compete with himself. He should overdo what he has done in previous works and he must always try to be better than any other PR agents in the field. You want your PR agent to not only be efficient.

You want him to be the best, too, and that will show how he presents himself to you. Your first impression of him is probably the only impression that your target audience will get. This is also their first reaction when they are faced with your client.


What’s a PR genius without a flair for the languages? How could he be a PR expert if he doesn’t know how to communicate well? PR agents need to communicate with you to know what your business is about and what your goals are for the business.

They need to communicate with the team members to show them what needs to be done and how the goals of the business are going to be met. They need to communicate with the media to “influence” them into running stories about their clients and their businesses.


You think PR agents don’t need to be creative? PR agents have to be creative in the way they craft their messages and their strategies. They always have to think outside the box and find ways on how to send the messages across without having to pay for advertisements.

Remember that PR agents should not be using money to promote their clients’ messages and brand. They need to be more creative and present their messages in such a way that the target audience will seek it.