There are two things that the pandemic made very clear to Lakeland public relations. First, businesses need a strong communication strategy that will tide them over to the new norm. Second, you must be adaptive. You must learn how powerful the pivot is.

This means that you have to learn about the changes in consumer behavior in the past year. What are these behaviors? How are they affecting the landscape?

Emphasis on Health and Safety

The past year made consumers very insecure about their health and safety. Consumers are not only purchasing hand sanitizers for their health, but they’re purchasing them because they believe in the brand. They are particular about buying brands that they perceive to be reputable.

Value-based Spending

What is value-based spending? It refers to consumers buying from brands that align with their values. Brands need to make a stand on social, political, and environmental issues. Consumers now want to support brands that make a stand on certain issues. In the future, it is also believed that consumers will buy locally more. People are looking at brands for support and leadership.

Online Connections

During a time when people are asked to stay at home, does it surprise you that they are looking for more connections even online? Invest in e-commerce, virtual events, content, and online channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. In short, social connections transitioned online. Consumers still want face-to-face interactions but because that is not possible right now, they turned to social media.

New Technology

Shoppers want augmented reality and virtual reality. These technologies allowed them to experience a product virtually before buying them. For example, you want to redesign your room. How are you going to “experience” a bed? AR and VR make that possible. They will let you experience the product first before you need to buy it. You can see the details of the product up close, thanks to virtual reality.

Data Analytics

Thanks to the comfort consumers feel now about sharing their data, you have something to analyze. Your business should be largely based on the analysis of the data you gather. When is your target market mostly online? What do they want to see? What kind of content pushes them to engage with you?

When you create the message for your Lakeland public relations, these are the consumer behaviors that you should consider. These will help you come up with the right message that can represent your client’s brand well.