Photo/Video Services

Lakeland photography and Lakeland video services by BrightSky Public Relations team of professionals offers our clients high-end digital imagery and presentation capabilities. Our full-service production team of creative and disciplined specialists who manage all stages of photography, podcast and video delivery. From start-ups to Fortune 500 brands you can rely on us to assist in refining ideas for visual mediums to “personalize their brand.” A key advantage of having these skills in-house is the seamless integration of our multimedia team with our marketing and public relations teams. This ensures tight integration of your marketing message with smooth delivery across the appropriate digital marketing channels.

Our Multimedia Services include:

• Planning & Scheduling
• Concept & Planning
• Research, Purpose and Scope
• Key Stakeholder Identification

• Scripting
• Supplemental B-Roll Footage
• Professional Grade Lighting
• On-Site Photography

• Editing
• Graphics and Titles
• Multiple Digital Delivery Formats

• Social Media Promotion
• Web Campaign Integration Strategy, Planning & Execution
• Special Events