For years, Lakeland public relations has been interchangeable with digital marketing and social media marketing. For marketers, they are one and the same. But we all know that it is not true. Public relations are earned while marketing in itself is merely the persuasion of buyers to purchase products and services from a particular company. But with Covid-19, this raises the question of whether or not public relations is still relevant.

When the pandemic was announced back in March, everyone scrambles to their feet. Who cares about what’s authentic and inauthentic in the news anymore? All businesses and consumers know is that their lives will never be the same after the announcement. How apt and truthful that is for them. There has never been an event in modern times that is as impactful as Covid-19 is to us. And when the dust finally settles, we see businesses for what and who they are. Not all of them are relevant and sometimes, the media fools us into thinking that some businesses are more important than others.

So with the proliferation of fake news and our own dependence on social media, can Lakeland public relations still survive? The answer is a resounding yes. No matter where you look, public relations surround you. It’s ingrained in everything you do and every product that you purchase.

Public relations is built on trust. That’s something that no one can take away from a company. With good relations with the public, a company can fail at something and get back on its feet the next day. When the public trusts the company, that is all the company needs to succeed and thrive. A lot of companies have made mistakes in the past but with a loyal and trusting clientele behind them, they continue to soldier on.

Covid-19 Messaging

You can see public relations in the way these companies crafted their Covid-19 messages. Didn’t the brands come out with their messages about the coronavirus when the news came out about the pandemic? Addressing the impact of the virus on their operations and processes was one of the first things that businesses did. That is Lakeland public relations right there.

Whenever a company tries to reach out to its market, you see the hands of public relations. Even amid this turmoil, public relations remain to be the most effective communication tool that can assure and satisfy an ever-demanding market.