About Us

Founded in 1985 we have always had our hands in and minds focused on marketing and communications. Over the past 30 years technology and media has changed and so has our focus and offerings but the core essence of who we are and what we do has never wavered.

We are a cutting edge marketing and communications company that has learned through years of trial and error what works and what doesn’t. We have paid our dues with years of blood, sweat and tears, not to mention the vast fortune spent on media learning what’s effective and what isn’t, or as Jimmy Buffett says “made enough money to buy Miami” you probably know the rest.

Our point to all this is we have put in thirty years of study, research, seminars, training, consultants, talent, projects to gain the knowledge and experience so you won’t have to hire some rookie team that won’t know how to handle your organizational needs.

All of us at BrightSky Public Relations look forward to earning your business and friendship.