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Market Research As A Lakeland Public Relations Tool

23 March

So, you think you know what your target audience’s wants and needs? You think you know how to reach them, how to answer their queries, and how to define what makes them tick and what makes them support your business? Unfortunately, that’s not how it goes with Lakeland public relations. If you really want to […]

Understanding The Different Tools Used For Lakeland Public Relations

23 March

If there is one thing that would magnify the difference between advertising and Lakeland public relations, it’s the tools that they use to reach their end goals. Public relations, you would notice, uses well-crafted strategies and tools that are grounded in research and experience. They are not bought. There’s no airtime or space to be […]

What Is Lakeland Public Relations?

19 March

When people hear about Lakeland public relations, they think it’s about advertising and promoting products and services. While that is true, promotion being one of the primary functions of a good PR, advertising is a paid form of persuading clients to promote an idea or purchase a product. Public relations, on the other hand, uses […]

The Price You Pay For A Good PR Vis-à-vis An Advertisement

19 March

A client once purchased a one-page ad in a weekly magazine. That caused him $125,000. That client expected to get a barrage of phone calls, inquiries, emails, and viral videos about the advertisement. He got nothing. On the other hand, another client hired a Lakeland public relations firm, which landed him an interview with a […]

Differentiating Advertising And Lakeland Public Relations

19 March

Lakeland public relations is not paid, unlike advertisements. That is the primary difference between these two. Although the end-goal is the same—promote a business, build a positive relationship for a client, and manage a PR crisis for an individual or a company—the methods used to arrive to that conclusion are completely different. Public relations will […]

How To Promote Your Brand Effectively

08 August

Designing your ad campaign is not the be-all and end-all of brand promotion. No, you actually have to strategize where you’re going to put that said ad even before you start conceptualizing it. Ad placement is as much important as the ad itself, if not more. There are a million different things that can go […]

Understanding the Importance of PR for Your Business

06 July

Good public relations is essential to the health of your business. The business community is a social business, which means you have to build rapport and relationships with your customers. A bad PR can affect the reputation of your business, your personal reputation, and the ability of your business to generate income. That is why […]

Lakeland Public Relations Technique

13 April

Idea: Using the news or enterprise push to hold optimistic reports about your business or your products; creating a superb relationship with regional media distributors. Precisely what is Lakeland public relations? And does it and marketing vary? Public-relations may be the reverse of marketing. In advertising, you pay to possess your concept put in Television […]

Lakeland Public Relations – Do we need Lakeland PR?

07 July

When we interview prospective clients and ask them what their understanding of a Lakeland public relations firm is we get interesting answers. The number one hurdle in the minds of the people we meet with is they have an image in their mind of a Fortune 500 company hiring a large PR firm or Advertising […]