Designing your ad campaign is not the be-all and end-all of brand promotion. No, you actually have to strategize where you’re going to put that said ad even before you start conceptualizing it.

Ad placement is as much important as the ad itself, if not more. There are a million different things that can go wrong when you place an improper ad in a particular place. For example, anything that would be placed near a school should be appropriate for minors. You surely don’t want to place an ad promoting alcohol or cigarette near an academic institution.

At the same time, a lot of things can go right about your Lakeland brand promotion if you have an insight of where to place your ads.

Basically, in today’s hyper-reactive world, you should place your ads in two major spaces: the public space and the internet, both of which would cost you money, though not so much because of the competition.

Placing ads in public

Before you begin placing your ad campaign in public, get to know your brand first and what it represents. If you’re selling healthy packed foods, then you should put up your ads in gyms, fitness centers, malls, condominiums, urban centers where the yuppies hang out, hospital, etc. You can put up your ads in practically every public space you’re allowed to because your product is safe and helpful to society.

However, there are products and services that should be placed on specific places only. Posters, banners and streamers for cigarette products, for example, should never be placed near a school, a gym, the Church and even in grocery stores. You’ll most likely find these kinds of ads in bars and nightclubs, and you’re safe to follow their lead.

In would also help your Lakeland brand promotion if you’ll put up posters about your product in community events. Say, you’re advertising a new pastry shop in Lakeland. You can check out what events are happening in the city, and ask the organizers if you’re allowed to put up your advertisements. The weekend farmer’s market and the monthly First Friday would be a good start to promote your business.

Just make sure your ads are visible where the public converge, and are placed properly, and your brand should have no trouble being recognized.

Promoting brands on the internet

Aside from promoting your products and services in public, you should also strategize on what websites to place it on the cyber world.

Social media accounts are always a good idea. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will allow you access to millions of users. But remember that when strategizing the use of internet for your business, the cyber world is primarily used by millennials. Unless your product or service caters to this generation’s needs, you have to be really careful about where to place your ads in the cyber space.