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Defining Lakeland Public Relations in the Digital Age

12 January
Lakeland public relations

In the past, traditional Lakeland public relations include writing press releases and distributing it to media outfits, journalists, and the general public. It’s all about cultivating a good relationship with the journalists, so they’ll give your press releases the time of the day. It’s about negotiating with publishers and hoping they’ll give your PRs even […]

How to Write Better Press Releases for Lakeland Public Relations

03 January
Lakeland public relations team

Are you wondering why publishers, editors, and journalists are not taking notice of your press releases? Do you often wonder what other Lakeland public relations companies are doing to attract media outfits to go over and publish their press releases? The truth is, it’s not only about your relationship with a certain media outfit. It […]

Lakeland Public Relations: How to Use Awards to Promote Your Business

30 December
lakeland public relations

They say bad publicity is good publicity, and that every opportunity to promote a business is good for Lakeland public relations. Does it mean that receiving awards should be used for publicity immediately? Should we write a press release the moment we know we’re getting an award?  Not really. You’ll be surprised to know that […]

How to Turn Bad Publicity Into Good Lakeland Public Relations

26 December
Lakeland public relations

They say that bad PR is still good PR. Yes, that is infinitely true. Although it is stressful and challenging to face bad PR, many marketers and Lakeland public relations experts can turn this into a good opportunity to promote their brands. The thing is when there’s bad publicity, really good PR can wake up […]

Understanding the Role of SEO in Lakeland Public Relations

15 December
Lakeland public relations

The role of SEO in press releases is often overshadowed by the need for these press releases to be distributed to the right media companies. A Lakeland public relations company tends to focus on reaching out to media outlets for these press releases to have space on their evening news and dailies. Sometimes, even the […]

Lakeland Public Relations: What Are You Doing Wrong With Your Pitch?

09 December
Lakeland public relations

Unless you have a good relationship with an editor or publisher, they won’t usually give you the time of the day unless your Lakeland public relations materials are really important and crucial. Think about it: you want a newspaper to publish an article you made about your new CEO. How can you convince a newspaper […]

Lakeland Public Relations: Build Better Relationships With Journalists

01 December
Lakeland public relations

Aside from distributing press releases and other media materials to publishers, editors, and journalists, the goal of every Lakeland public relations company should be to build a great relationship with the media. They should diversify and expand their media contacts. They should have a relationship-based approach when it comes to communicating their promotions and marketing […]

Should Lakeland Public Relations Post Press Releases on Social Media?

25 November
Lakeland public relations

No one wants to write a press release. No one wants to read them. Even people—journalists, bloggers, Lakeland public relations experts, editors, and publishers—who get information from press releases hate reading them. Press releases are self-serving and full of insider speak. Those who write them are hell-bent at using as many words as possible to […]

Lakeland Public Relations: The Benefits of Investing in PR Management

19 November
Lakeland public relations

Marketing and Lakeland public relations are almost always confused with each other. There’s a huge difference between these two concepts. Marketing aims to promote a business to its target market whereas public relations is about enhancing and building a strong relationship with the target audience that will, hopefully, lead to sales. PR’s aim, therefore, is […]

Lakeland Public Relations: The Most Common PR Mistakes

14 November
lakeland public relations

Every business depends on Lakeland public relations for any possibility of success. A business can only be truly successful once it has harnessed the power of public relations and used it to market its products and services. But every successful PR strategy starts with a plan and it is here when experts make these common […]