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Lakeland Public Relations: How Brands Must Act During a Crisis

05 July
Lakeland public relations

Every business is now struggling to find a footing in the new world that the coronavirus pandemic has created. But what’s true for every business is that it has to use Lakeland public relations to correct any misconceptions that may arise about the brand during times like these. PR isn’t about what these companies say […]

Lakeland Public Relations: 5 Rules to Get Your Press Releases Noticed

26 June
lakeland public relations

Unlike marketing where you need to pay for the audience to notice your business, Lakeland public relations are much more complicated. It demands that you earn the right to be noticed by your target market. One of the most popular ways to earn the attention of your target audience is to write a press release […]

Lakeland Public Relations: Prepping a Client for a Media Interview

20 June
Lakeland public relations

What could be more difficult for a Lakeland public relations expert than preparing a client to face the media? Not many clients understand just how powerful the media can be in shaping public perception. If they refuse to accept that media could make or break their company’s reputation, this attitude could severely affect the efficiency […]

5 Pro Tips for Great Lakeland Public Relations Campaign

15 June
lakeland public relations team

If done right, a Lakeland public relations campaign has a long-lasting impact on the brand’s reputation and public image. For it to be truly effective, though, the campaign must be well-planned, well-researched, and well-executed. It’s more than just a press release or a truly great event to raise brand awareness. Public relations is a science […]

Do Small Businesses Need Lakeland Public Relations?

05 June
Lakeland public relations

Does it really come as a surprise to you that small businesses aren’t investing in Lakeland public relations and marketing? The reasons are endless: we don’t have enough money, we don’t earn enough, our market is just fine, we’re reaching our customers well enough, etc. PR is the last thing in any small business owner’s […]

Lakeland Public Relations: Adjusting Events to the New Norm

29 May
lakeland public relations interview

When the World Health Organization (WHO) announced in March that the Covid-19 disease is a pandemic, did we even think that we’ll reach this point? As the total number of cases reached 5.7 million and with more than 350,000 deaths, we now understand that this is no small matter. It will hit economies, more so […]

How Can Lakeland Public Relations Cope During the Coronavirus?

22 May
Lakeland public relations

Is there an industry unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic? Lakeland public relations are directly tied to businesses, whichever industry they may belong to. Without businesses needing their services or with businesses effectively shut down or with businesses struggling to survive and have no means to invest, the PR industry may suffer massive losses.  The Lakeland […]

Use Lakeland Public Relations to Convince the Media to Cover an Event

08 May
Lakeland public relations

Your relationship with media practitioners such as journalists and editors is very important because your Lakeland public relations have to convince these media organizations to cover your corporate event. But having a relationship with these media practitioners goes beyond the usual professional relationships that you have been accustomed to in your company. Dealing with editors […]

When Should You Address the Covid-19 in Lakeland Public Relations?

04 May
Lakeland public relations

Your customers are already being bombarded by information about the Covid-19 pandemic. They are receiving emails from their doctors, health officials, media, the government, and the various stores and websites they have engaged with in the past year. How can your Lakeland public relations message be heard above the din? How can your message stand […]

Why Producing Video Content Works Best for Lakeland Public Relations

27 April
Lakeland public relations

For the past decades, we have seen digital technology blur the lines between Lakeland public relations, marketing, and advertising. Marketers are advertisers, too, and vice-versa. Public relations experts are doing marketing and advertising at the same time. There seems to be no delineation among these three principles. But here’s the thing: public relations has long […]