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Why Influencer Marketing Is Also Important in Lakeland Public Relations

27 March
Lakeland public relations

Wasn’t there a time when all marketers need to do is buy a chunk of airtime on television, produce a catch commercial jingle, and watch the sales come in? Oh, those were the good old times. Even Lakeland public relations companies have it easier back in the days. Do you realize that it was just […]

How Politicians Can Use Lakeland Public Relations on Social Media

23 March
Lakeland public relations

Do you have politician-clients? How do you use social media to disseminate their Lakeland public relations messages? If you are not using social media to spread awareness about your client, you are wasting precious time and free resources to reach a new audience. Public relations and politics go hand-in-hand. It’s almost one cannot exist without […]

Can Chatbots Change the Ways of Lakeland Public Relations?

16 March
lakeland public relations

Never is choosing the right communication tools been more critical than it is now. For the Lakeland public relations industry, it is now in a critical junction between following the chatbot trends or completely ignoring it thinking that the industry is far better off without artificial intelligence.  Marketers and PR specialists are turning away from […]

Lakeland Public Relations: Know the Journalists Who Cover Your Industry

06 March
Lakeland public relations

One of the things you need to do if you’re working for a Lakeland public relations company is to know the journalists who work in the field that your clients are specializing in. For example, one of your clients is manufacturing environmentally-conscious handbags made of vegan leather. Who are the journalists that you should invite […]

Amp Your Lakeland Public Relations Strategies With This Year’s PR Trends

02 March
Lakeland public relations

Over the years, the clear lines between marketing and Lakeland public relations have blurred. We can no longer distinguish between public relations and marketing strategies. This 2020, it is more vital than ever to earn media exposure rather than pay for it.  Serving Public Interest We have seen how influencer-based marketing has dominated industries in […]

4 Ways to Up Your Lakeland Public Relations This 2020

23 February
Lakeland public relations

There are so many things happening around us—both in the real and digital worlds. Every day, there are new inventions to try, new apps to make things more convenient for us, and new social media tools that intend to market more companies, more products, and more services. We are constantly bombarded by ads and Lakeland […]

Defining Lakeland Public Relations in the Digital Age

12 January
Lakeland public relations

In the past, traditional Lakeland public relations include writing press releases and distributing it to media outfits, journalists, and the general public. It’s all about cultivating a good relationship with the journalists, so they’ll give your press releases the time of the day. It’s about negotiating with publishers and hoping they’ll give your PRs even […]

How to Write Better Press Releases for Lakeland Public Relations

03 January
Lakeland public relations team

Are you wondering why publishers, editors, and journalists are not taking notice of your press releases? Do you often wonder what other Lakeland public relations companies are doing to attract media outfits to go over and publish their press releases? The truth is, it’s not only about your relationship with a certain media outfit. It […]

Lakeland Public Relations: How to Use Awards to Promote Your Business

30 December
Lakeland public relations

They say bad publicity is good publicity, and that every opportunity to promote a business is good for Lakeland public relations. Does it mean that receiving awards should be used for publicity immediately? Should we write a press release the moment we know we’re getting an award?  Not really. You’ll be surprised to know that […]

How to Turn Bad Publicity Into Good Lakeland Public Relations

26 December
Lakeland public relations

They say that bad PR is still good PR. Yes, that is infinitely true. Although it is stressful and challenging to face bad PR, many marketers and Lakeland public relations experts can turn this into a good opportunity to promote their brands. The thing is when there’s bad publicity, really good PR can wake up […]