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Lakeland Public Relations and Knowledge of the Newspaper Business

15 June

The problem with some Lakeland public relations companies is that they dive into a campaign without really knowing the platform where they like to publish the promotional materials. Even in this age of a highly digitized world, we are still dependent on newspapers for the most vital information about our societies, politics, economics, and even […]

Lakeland Public Relations Mistakes To Avoid

15 June
lakeland public relations team

Everybody makes mistakes. No one’s perfect, after all, right? But when it comes to Lakeland public relations, you have as little as a room for mistakes as a basketball player shooting a clutch free throw seconds before the buzzer of an NBA Finals Game 7. One simple PR mistake can prove disastrous for the company. […]

Finding The Perfect Event Place For Lakeland Public Relations

07 June

Looking for a place for your event can be overwhelming, stressful, and disconcerting. But for Lakeland public relations, those who have been doing this for a long time, this is a fun challenge. The event place is critical to the success of the event. So many things can go wrong with choosing the wrong event […]

Boosting Lakeland Public Relations Also Improves Customer Loyalty

07 June

Lakeland public relations don’t only deal with scandals that rock a business. It doesn’t concern itself only about the reputation of the company. It also works to improve the experience of every customer that inquires, subscribes, or purchases from the company. This is all part, of course, of a grand Lakeland public relations strategy to […]

How Lakeland Public Relations Agencies Prepare Clients For A Media Interview

03 June

Have you noticed how even the most successful CEOs still have trouble doing media interviews? That’s because their Lakeland public relations specialists did not prepare them enough for how overwhelming it is to answer questions in front of a camera. PR experts recommend that CEOs be more visible in today’s digital world. That means that […]

Should You Build An In-House PR Team or Hire A Lakeland Public Relations Agency?

24 May

In business, you will often find out that you cannot do all things by yourself, no matter if you’re a superhero in the disguise of a businessman. You’ll have to delegate tasks to other people, which is the reason why you need to hire competent and skilled people to manage your business for you. one […]

Turning Bad Publicity Into A Net Gain Through Lakeland Public Relations

24 May

Your brand’s reputation is the key to achieving overall business growth. The reputation of your brand is very fragile, especially in the digital world where news—whether true or not—travels in the speed of light. You can lose your reputation, the one thing you’ve developed and protected all these years, because of a bad meme or […]

What Does A Lakeland Public Relations Company Do?

17 May

There is one very important thing you need to know about Lakeland public relations: we use earned and free media exposure. Forget about everything you think you know about PR and focus on these two words: earned and free. These PR stories are different from the ads that appear on your news feeds, on websites, […]

How a Non-profit Organization Can Benefit From Lakeland Public Relations

17 May

How does a non-profit organization pay its workers and fund its campaign if it’s not selling any products or services? Where does it get the money? A non-profit organization uses in its full maximum potential the benefits of Lakeland public relations. It needs a good reputation and branding in order to attract investors and sponsors. […]

3 Important Parts of A Press Release For Lakeland Public Relations

10 May

A press release is a 400- to 600-word article that aims to generate positive media coverage about your company. Lakeland public relations companies use press releases to announce a new product or service, report about the company’s earnings, clear up issues and scandals, and even introduce a new president or CEO. But writing a press […]