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Embracing Lakeland Public Relations Despite the Challenges

19 February
Lakeland public relations

There are fresh challenges in Lakeland public relations. The first one is the rise of social media platforms. The second is the coronavirus pandemic. How do these challenges affect the way marketers and business owners see the importance of public relations? Rise of Social Media Perhaps, there is nothing more challenging to the industry than […]

Effective Lakeland Public Relations Is a Need in the New Norm

11 February
Lakeland public relations

How can you describe the world right now? Isn’t it volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous? You don’t know what’s going to happen next and frankly, no one will be surprised anymore if another catastrophe hits us. Ever since the pandemic in March, the world as we know it has become chaotic. Communities are in shamble […]

Lakeland Public Relations: Consumer Behavior Trends That Are Changing the Landscape

22 January
Lakeland public relations

There are two things that the pandemic made very clear to Lakeland public relations. First, businesses need a strong communication strategy that will tide them over to the new norm. Second, you must be adaptive. You must learn how powerful the pivot is. This means that you have to learn about the changes in consumer […]

What’s Lakeland Public Relations Like in 2021?

15 January
lakeland public relations

Even before the pandemic, the world is already changing for Lakeland public relations. There was already a great need for it to recreate and reimagine its purpose to keep up with the new trends. The pandemic accelerated these changes and puts pressure on the industry to re-carve a niche for itself again. So, what’s the […]

Is Lakeland Public Relations Dead Because of Covid-19?

03 January
Lakeland public relations team

For years, Lakeland public relations has been interchangeable with digital marketing and social media marketing. For marketers, they are one and the same. But we all know that it is not true. Public relations are earned while marketing in itself is merely the persuasion of buyers to purchase products and services from a particular company. […]

How Did Covid-19 Affect Lakeland Public Relations?

11 December
Lakeland public relations

Practically every country you can think of has been in lockdown since March. While restrictions have certainly eased in many parts of the world, there is no denying the fact that Covid-19 hasn’t exactly been kind to service-based industries like Lakeland public relations. As much as businesses need to realign their PR strategies and come […]

Lakeland Public Relations: How Should You Communicate Your Company’s Covid-19 Message?

04 December
Lakeland public relations

After spending the last 10 months quarantined in our homes and deathly afraid of the coronavirus, the government is now allowing us to go out, socialize (while practicing physical distancing), and spend. The economy, after all, depends on our spending this holiday season. But businesses have got it tougher. They now need Lakeland public relations […]

Lakeland Public Relations: Responsible Communication in COVID-19

27 November
lakeland public relations

Companies have to be responsible to their customers and clients at all times. This is even more important during the Covid-19 pandemic when thousands of businesses suddenly find themselves in limbo. Should they permanently close down? Can they weather the storm? But more than that, how are they going to reach out to their customers […]

Debunking the Most Common Myths About Lakeland Public Relations

20 November

It will shock you how Lakeland public relations is present in your life. Every day, you are inundated by marketing campaigns, advertisements, news items, and public announcements that have PR written all over it. No business or political leader or government or celebrity could ever survive without public relations. This is the core of their […]

Lakeland Public Relations: Is Bad PR Good PR?

13 November
lakeland public relations interview

We’ve heard it again and again—bad PR is good PR. This means that even with negative publicity, you can still raise awareness about your brand and company. Many companies have done good in converting bad public relations into good PR. By apologizing, reaching out to those affected, and admitting their mistakes, plenty of companies have […]