Brand Promotion

BrightSky Public Relations specializes in Lakeland Brand Promotion. Utilizing all proven forms of marketing for reaching internal and external audiences BrightSky has a record of successful brand promotion.

When taking on a new organization we first evaluate the markets they are currently engaged in, determine key competitors, analyze our clients brand, image and compare to others in the market. Next a plan is created for, in this example Lakeland Brand Promotion, and the marketing tools and mediums to be used will be indentified. Budgets, time, urgency and goals all come into play in the brand promotion strategies.

BrightSky has years of marketing experience going back to the early 80’s utilizing traditional methods of promotion; direct mail, print, radio, tv, etc. to more current methods of websites, content marketing, social, email, blogs, podcasts, video marketing and much more.

BrightSky Public Relations has the tools, team and experience to take your organizations brand promotion to a smarter level.