Crisis Management

At BrightSky Public Relations Lakeland Crisis Management is an important tool we offer to our valued clients. BrightSky works with a wide variety of industries and we know that organizations across every industry, at some time or another, will need our help developing messages to communicate with stakeholders or the general public during a time of crisis.

BrightSky’s team of crisis communications counselors brings a smart, objective voice to the table to help our clients communicate clearly, honestly, sincerely and directly with their audiences. We are able to help with the coordinating of press conferences, development of speeches, to crafting prepared statements and interview talking points. From disseminating internal communications to employees and investors, while also developing standards and protocols, the BrightSky PR team thinking through all angles and channels to ensure the right message is conveyed at the proper time to the right people.

BrightSky’s Lakeland Crisis Management team has found that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to resolving a crisis. After discussing your needs we will identify the paramount course of action for your organization.