When we interview prospective clients and ask them what their understanding of a Lakeland public relations firm is we get interesting answers. The number one hurdle in the minds of the people we meet with is they have an image in their mind of a Fortune 500 company hiring a large PR firm or Advertising agency as we all grew up seeing in movies and tv dramas. They just don’t see their organization it those ways and assume the hiring of a PR firm to be financially out of reach and almost pretentious to even think of doing so.

Let’s clarify. Do Fortune 500 companies retain the services of high priced PR firms? Yes, they spend mega money for these services and if any of them are reading this post we encourage them to contact and hire us immediately ;)

So back to the real world. Do small to mid-sized organizations really need a PR firm and can they afford it? Yes and yes. Responsible organizations desiring to grow and build a solid foundation for longevity need to either hire internal talent to help guide the ship or they need to hire an outside firm to gain the skill sets they lack.

Have you noticed in all cities that when you ask who to call for any common service you will get a list of names with the top three being almost an exact match? Someone in these firms over the years has earned these reputations through hard honest work, consistent advertising, great sales teams, and many other ways. Something healthy and positive is going on.

Would you like for your organization to be on that short list or would you like to maintain your hard earned reputation and make sure you stay there? We need to speak.
What about the cost issue? That’s a great question. The cost to your business or organization of not having a well thought out PR and Marketing plan that all members of your team know and follow can be huge. What is the value of a customer, donor, investor?

Now if you meant what does it cost to hire us to handle your PR needs then you’ll be excited to know that we have plans available that all organizations can afford and will benefit from.

Give us a call to discuss your Lakeland Public Relations needs and let’s discover what areas of your organization will benefit from having talented people rethinking and promoting you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to speaking soon.