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Should Lakeland Public Relations Post Press Releases on Social Media?

25 November

No one wants to write a press release. No one wants to read them. Even people—journalists, bloggers, Lakeland public relations experts, editors, and publishers—who get information from press releases hate reading them. Press releases are self-serving and full of insider speak. Those who write them are hell-bent at using as many words as possible to make the document look important. Not even the best writer can save news releases from these misconceptions. 

And yet, we need them. Press releases are vital to a company that wants to reach the masses. If they are well-targeted to pitch information to an audience, press releases can do its job of triggering an interest or a reaction.

In the past, press releases are distributed by companies like PR Newswire or Business Wire. These are agencies that specialize at distributing these press releases to hundreds, if not thousands, of reporters and media outlets. They use an algorithm that puts these press releases on top of the search engine results. They get these press releases published and printed on online sites and newspapers. They even have an edge to get these aired on TV and radio. 

Many small businesses also use their own ways to send press releases to reporters, industry associations, friends, bloggers, family, and customers. 

Today, businesses and PR experts are using social media to distribute these press releases. Is social media now the right platform for these news releases? Well, it’s free and it has an audience. You might be missing out a lot if you’re not utilizing social media. So, the answer is yes, companies should post their press releases on social media. However, you need to do this one thing first: 

Identify the Key Audience First

Who’s following your account? You need to look at who’s on your news feed first. Otherwise, it will be a complete waste of time to publish something that might even do your company bad. For example, you’ve managed to build a profile that is fun and entertaining. Your customers are engaging with you through Facebook. 

You have a press release about a new investor. Do you bore your audience with this information? Or do you find a new way to disseminate this information to business reporters? If there’s a pool of reporters sitting on your followers’ list, then go on and publish the press release. But if there’s not, think wisely before you click on that post button. 

It will do you good to publish the press release on a relevant Facebook or LinkedIn group. There, people such as Lakeland public relations specialists will be interested in what you have to share.

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