Lakeland Public Relations

Organizing A Lakeland Public Relations Event

Businesses and non-profit organizations regularly hold events to promote an idea, sell a product, and introduce a new service to their target audience. The goal is to reach their audience and persuade them to support the cause or purchase the products/services. whatever the intentions of your events are, you have to make sure to include Lakeland public relations early in the planning stage.

Why? Whether through traditional or new channels, public relations can generate buzz to boost ticket sales and attendance. It could secure sponsors and advertisers, create public awareness, and encourage the media to attend the events.

Develop a PR plan

A PR strategist will tailor a PR plan for the event. They will set the strategies for communications, convey the messages to the target audience, schedule the deliverables, deadlines and responsibilities, and craft the messages. The plan should include various avenues such as media outreach, social media, email marketing, and website updates.

Tailor messages for each channel

The PR team will create each message according to the channel which they will use to disseminate the information. They will use daily teasers to get customers, friends, and followers interested in an event if they will use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

Email blasts, on the other hand, are the perfect venues for a Save The Date reminder and to convey the reasons why the clients should attend the event.

To generate a broader interest for the press to attend, the PR team should send media advisories and press releases. These should be well-written and should convey the right message to the media.

Make a work plan

Without a work plan, the process may feel disjointed and there might be miscommunication among the members of the PR team.

A work plan will keep the team organized and well-managed. There should be a daily status report from the team members regarding the responsibilities and duties they should fulfill.

Start as early as possible

A PR team knows the importance of starting as early as possible in introducing the event and reaching out to customers. They will hire writers, photographers, and the general media to fill up the event space.

They will have to get on their radar, so they will be interested in the event. Starting the PR strategies early will also get more sponsorships and will interest advertisers to look into the event and see how this could be beneficial for their own businesses.