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Lakeland Public Relations: How to Use Awards to Promote Your Business

30 December

They say bad publicity is good publicity, and that every opportunity to promote a business is good for Lakeland public relations. Does it mean that receiving awards should be used for publicity immediately? Should we write a press release the moment we know we’re getting an award? 

Not really. You’ll be surprised to know that not all awards are great for publicity. If the award’s credibility will be questioned, that might not be great for your business. It might make your business feel cheap.

It might look like you’re running after award-giving bodies because you have nothing better to offer your consumers. That’s why you need to be very careful when it comes to using awards to promote your business’ products or services. 

However, some studies showed that when an award is deemed credible, it can increase interest in your brand by as much as 44 percent. There’s a surge in interest and an uptick in sales.

But you have to use this award smartly. When publishing an article about your business’ award, make sure that it comes first from legitimate sources—mainstream newspapers, magazines, broadcast shows, and online news. 

Press Releases

A press release is the best way to talk about an award your business has just won. You can send the press release to legitimate and credible media entities. They will be the ones to write about the award you have just won.

When your target customers read about the award, they will know this is legitimate and credible. You need to make sure your press release gets covered and carried by legitimate media sources. 

Email Marketing

Email is still an effective method of marketing and promoting a business. If you want to reach your target audience, emailing them remains to be the most trusted form of advertisement. It’s free and it’s the most convenient way of talking about the award your business received.

The space is unlimited, but make sure that you talk about the company and the award in a concise manner. No one wants to be inundated by facts, figures, and statistics. Make sure your email is well-written, so they don’t gloss over the important details. 

You can use awards to showcase your business and your brand. Moreover, it is wise of you to use Lakeland public relations to talk about what this award means for your business and customers. Make sure not to hard-sell your brand by using the award repeatedly in your PR efforts.

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