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Distributing Press Releases For Lakeland Public Relations

Every Lakeland public relations company should be learned and should have mastered the art of writing a press release for their client. But this is not the point of this article.

After you have written a smashing press release, the next step is for you to distribute it to the proper media outfits. The goal is to reach people who could influence the possibility of the success of the business.

As a PR agent, you must be very strategic in using the techniques of distributing the press releases. Here are some of the best instances to distribute PRs to journalists, media outfits, bloggers, and influencers:

Press conference

Call for a press conference. This is a lot of work just to distribute a press release, so make sure that your client also has something important to announce. You have to plan the press conference in advance—rent a venue, hire a caterer (snacks will do), and invite journalists, bloggers, influencers, etc.

Keep in mind that the press conference must be done in the morning before journalists and reporters submit their stories for the day. This will allow their editors to plan ahead and place your PRs on the right page (maybe even the front page).

Online sites

There are many free PR distribution sites online. You can sign up for a free account and upload your press releases to the database.

The sites will then distribute the press releases to different media outfits. If the client has the budget for it, the best option is to sign up for a paid distribution scheme. These systems have a vast network of media outfits that they can tap for your press releases.

Even the big ones would receive your PRs provided that they signed up for the system. Many PR companies use this method to distribute press releases, but this is not exactly the norm for many public relations specialists and this method is still frowned upon in the industry.


You can attend events related to your client’s business and distribute the press release there. These events will give you an access to many of the stakeholders in the industry. The press would also be there, creating a golden opportunity to reach out to journalists covering the beat.

Make sure to make a good impression during these events because the reporters would probably judge the legitimacy of your client the moment they meet you. In many cases, you will be the representative of the company.