It is hard to imagine a business that does not use press releases for their Lakeland public relations. Even in this day and age of the internet and social media, no business can survive without using press releases to promote a product, introduce a new service, and update investors and other stakeholders about the company.

Here are seven ways to maximize press releases for your business:

Tease and tell

Your press release should include information that will tell customers and journalists why it is important, but it should also open up a floodgate of questions and inquiries. They have to want to dig around the information you shared and know more about the company and its businesses.

Use images and charts

According to studies, press releases with images, videos, charts, and graphs will most likely increase the engagement by 18%. When it comes to videos, the engagement can rise by 55%. That information should be enough to persuade you to include visuals in your press release. It is, after all, the perfect vehicle to deliver information.

Include SEOs

You should increase the chance of your press releases to be noticed in Google and websites by using SEOs. Don’t go overboard, though, and let the keywords flow naturally in the content. If you let the SEO dictate the content, it will be unnatural and customers and journalists wouldn’t want to read it.

Tell the reader what’s in it for them

Use your press releases to build and establish relationships with the customers and the journalists. Your press releases should tell the reader how they can benefit from them. Don’t simply email one generic press release for all types of readers. Much like marketing, get to know your readers and tailor-fit the press releases according to what they want.

Be ready to answer questions

If written correctly, your press release should generate calls and inquiries from people who want more and may be interested to subscribe to your products and services. Your contact information should be clearly displayed on your press release and you and your staff should be available to answer any questions and inquiries about the company.

Use free and paid distribution services

Distributing press releases can be expensive, but it’s a great investment. You can opt for free distribution services but they post to lower-quality websites. It’s better if you can invest in paid distribution services because they have tight relationships with Google News and USA Today.