Like many other industries, Lakeland public relations has had to change and evolve alongside the rapid progression of technology. Fortunately, this is one of those industries that have no problem doing so. When public relations was a relatively new concept, this relied press releases and news reports to get the word out, which continued for a long time and is what it because well known for. 

Nowadays, because of online technology, public relations has easily adapted to accommodate online communication and other online channels to get the word out. This is where social media plays a role in public relations. 

It is no secret that a large majority of online users today are on social media and incorporate it into their daily lifestyles, which makes it easy enough to use this in your Lakeland public relations strategy. Learn more about this here. 

Be a guest blogger

The biggest benefit of social media is its ability to provide everybody with a voice, regardless of qualifications.  A good PR strategy is to get your business’ name out there by establishing yourself as a reliable source of information and a professional within the industry. 

One way to do that us by being a guest blogger. Creating industry-related and good-quality content is a great way to establish yourself and your company as a local industry expert, which boosts your public relations. 

Learn how to use social media platforms

If professionalism is what you’re after, you should be aware of how the different social media platforms work in order to establish yourself better. Take note that some social media sites are not as well-suited to professional content as others. 

For example, LinkedIn is centered around more professional content, which is great for centering your brand around. You can also use this platform as a way to update your professional contacts and followers so that they’re always clued in on what your company is up to. 

Be creative

The great thing about social media is that it isn’t restricted to anything but your imagination. As long as you understand your audience, coming up with a winning Lakeland public relations strategy to appeal to your customers isn’t going to be a challenge.

Above everything else, don’t be afraid to try out new platforms to see which ones are best appealing to your customers. Remember that your public relations strategy is supposed to be adapting to new tech, not going against it.