For the past decades, we have seen digital technology blur the lines between Lakeland public relations, marketing, and advertising. Marketers are advertisers, too, and vice-versa. Public relations experts are doing marketing and advertising at the same time. There seems to be no delineation among these three principles.

But here’s the thing: public relations has long earned the attention of media outlets and their target audiences. If there’s one thing that PR experts are good at above and beyond what marketers and advertisers can do, it is to use that earned reputation to sell their brands. 

Today, Lakeland public relations has also incorporated video content into their strategies. No longer are they focused on creating solely press releases. They are not merely focused on addressing crises and scandals in the company. They are actively developing relationships and improving the reputations of their clients.

They do this now by producing video content that is relevant, informative, shareable, and effective. If there’s one thing that separates public relations videos from marketing and advertising videos, it’s that PR videos always communicate a message and evoke emotions from its viewers. 

The key success of these videos lies in their ability to develop and share compelling stories about the brand. This spreads rapidly by sharing the video content on news feeds and by people talking about the videos over dinners and in chat groups. Yes, word-of-mouth recommendation is still the bread-and-butter of marketing and public relations.

PR experts want people to talk about the video content. They want their target audience to share the videos with their friends and family. The aim is for the video to be the center of conversation; for it to trend and go viral.

It is not always easy, of course, though PR firms have a particular edge because of the way they earned their reputation over the years. Their relationships with media organizations, journalists, bloggers, and other experts in the field have put them in a position of authority. Although your target audience will most likely also listen to marketers and advertisers, they’ll believe a PR content more. 

Lakeland public relations told the truest and best stories in the past years. It has been honest in its addressing of issues in the past. It reached out to communities even when it has no advocacy, product, or service to sell. It has proven time and again that its clients and customers matter. As a result, the reputation of public relations precedes it. They have earned the trust of their target audience. As a result, they are more likely to believe in public relations than any other field of business communication.