Lakeland public relations, when done right, can make a lot of difference in boosting your company’s public image, as well as help boost credibility. A lot of companies are realizing the benefits of having a PR strategy done for their company, but they are usually conflicted by the decision of choosing whether they should hire a PR agency, or hire someone in-house to manage their public relations.

A public relations agency can be more expensive to hire, and wouldn’t it make more sense to hire somebody who knows your company firsthand?

These are just some of the concerns that make it difficult for people to decide whether to hire an external public relations agency or entrust the responsibility to somebody from the company itself.

Personally, we would recommend that you hire externally for your public relations needs. Here are some reasons why hiring an external Lakeland public relations agency might be in your best interests.

More experience

Of course, one of the most prominent advantages that hiring an external public relations agency can provide you is the experience that a fully established public relations agency can bring to the table.

While having an in-house employee handle your public relations means that they know your company better, they lack the expertise to create a good public relations strategy using that information.

Having an individual in-house employee handle your PR work is nothing compared to having an entire team of public relations professionals working together to come up with the best PR strategy that your company needs.

Better grasp on the tools

Public relations is like any other industry in that it has its own set of tools that are widely known and used by professionals in the industry.

If you hire an external public relations agency, you have access to professionals who are familiar with these tools and have the experience to work with these tools to boot.

A single in-house employee may not have even heard of these tools, much less have the knowledge and experience needed to put them to good use for the benefit of the company.

Brand recognition

The public relations industry is not a particularly large one, especially if you’re focusing on improving your PR within a local region.

Another significant advantage that hiring a Lakeland public relations agency offers you is that since they’ve been working with the local media outlets for quite some time, they recognize the agency, and can trust the information that the agency gives them.

If a single individual gives the media information, they may be hesitant to trust them and run their story, as there is no trust there yet.