Your customers are already being bombarded by information about the Covid-19 pandemic. They are receiving emails from their doctors, health officials, media, the government, and the various stores and websites they have engaged with in the past year. How can your Lakeland public relations message be heard above the din? How can your message stand out and resonate with your customers?

Have you addressed the situation immediately? When is the right time to send an email about the pandemic? Should you even send updates to your customers or are you wasting effort when they clearly receive the same messages from the government and other businesses?

You Have Useful Information to Share

Look, they are already receiving all the important information about the pandemic from media organizations. The least they want is to receive the same thing from your company. If you don’t think the information has a direct impact on your customers, feel free not to send an email about it. During these times, only send email that has relevant information. Otherwise, you will inundate your customers with the information they already know. 

You Have Customers Directly Affected by the Crisis

If your market consists of healthcare professionals, then you’re in the thick of things, too. You are obliged to send a message to them about the pandemic. It is almost like a show of camaraderie for what they are going through. Your customers will appreciate the gesture of showing that you care about them beyond the usual seller-buyer relationship. 

You Have a Brick-and-mortar Store

Are you expecting to see some customers because of your physical store? Let them know if you’re closed or when you plan to open again. many stores are being hindered to open because of physical distancing. Let your customers know how you intend to continue your services despite the current situation. This is when Lakeland public relations will play a critical role in ensuring your customers are well-informed about what’s going on with your business. 

Your Business Has Been Impacted

Are you finding it hard to produce items? Is your supply chain suffering because of the pandemic? Let your customers know why it is impossible for you to deliver items right now or why some products will remain unavailable for the foreseeable future. 

You Are Doing Something to Help Customers

If you are doing charities and donations, let your customers know about it through Lakeland public relations. It’s not to brag, but simply to inform them that you care enough about what’s happening around. You are doing your part in trying to end this pandemic. This is a great way to show customers that you are more than just a business trying to make money.