Lakeland public relations are seen and referred to in many Hollywood movies. You see celebrities making a huge mistake, and suddenly their managers are rushing to, “Get PR on the phone to put out a press release”.

But what exactly is public relations? When you ask somebody what they think public relations are, chances are that they’ll say that public relations is something like advertising.

Advertising and public relations tend to get mixed up with each other a lot. However, if you’re looking to hire a Lakeland public relations firm to handle your PR needs, then it’s important that you learn exactly what they do. Here is a simple rundown on what a public relations company does.

They help shape how your company is perceived by the public

This is, first and foremost, the very first priority of any Lakeland public relations company is presenting your business in a positive light to the general public.

How the public perceives you and your business can make a significant impact on how well you’re going to do in terms of business. The main difference between public relations and advertising is that PR is free publicity, while advertising is paid.

A PR a fancy creates press releases and sends them to media outlets, and if the release is compelling enough to be released, then your story will be told.

They handle any PR crisis

There may be times when your company might be forced to do something necessary, but neccessary, like having to lay off employees because of downsizing or redundancies.

A PR firm helps the public understand the reasoning behind unpleasant events like this and why certain actions had to be taken. They take the negative news and presents it to the public in a way that is accurate and still presents your company in a positive light.

They help tell your story

Lakeland public relations also help tell your company’s that you see about a public is helped by a public relations firm.

Everytime you hear about something new out out by a company, or even read a news or magazine article, chances are, there is a public relations agents helping out, every step of the way.

Media relations

Because Lakeland public relations relies heavily on media communication, a large part of public relations involves cultivating good relationships with the media. PR professionals have to spend a lot of time with the media, as they have to pitch ideas to them all the time.

They also research and understand different viewpoints by different media outlets, and understand how one story can be pitched in different ways to different outlets.