Lakeland public relations is now a faster field, thanks to the growth of social media in the past decade. Before, PR professionals will write a press release, read it on air, publish it on newspapers, or share it online.

Everything changed when Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram came into being. Social media has never been as powerful as it is today when used as a tool for public relations, marketing, and advertising.

Social media can help PR professionals meet their goals. Here are some ways that PR experts use social media for their clients:

Find influencers

Influencers are the most powerful marketers on social media right now. They have a massive digital following and for some, their word is the law.

Creating relationships between brands and influencers is simply adding another layer of defense that brands can use to promote and protect a business’ reputation.

Identify brand threats

PR professionals scour the internet for the latest topics that are relevant to their clients’ business. They put their ears on social media and identify topics even before they become viral.

They can proactively find threats on the internet and prepare their brands for what’s about to come. PR experts must understand what social media think and how they will react to negative views about the brands they are representing.

Influence journalistic stories

Journalists are also following the issues and trends on social media. They make stories out of the things being talked about by social media users.

Lakeland public relations professionals must join these discussions to influence a journalist to write about a topic and present a certain angle.

Lakeland public relations may not always see the angle they like published, but they can use social media as a tool to keep the angle they want in the public eye.

React to negative press

When there’s a negative story about your brand, the first thing that people will look at is your reaction on social media. Have you released your statement yet?

When a negative claim comes out about your client, use the company’s official Facebook page to post a response or to direct the public to another medium for more information. Social media, therefore, give PR professionals immediate access to a large attentive audience.

Make announcements

If you want to make announcements, the fastest way to get your message across is by using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other media platforms. You can use these platforms to introduce products, announce awards, and company updates.