Being a small business owner isn’t something that just anybody can do. You need hard work, dedication, and a mind for business. And that’s just for the initial setup. When you have your actual business, you need to work hard to make sure it succeeds, and that word gets out about your business. This is where Lakeland public relations comes in.

Some business owners don’t understand the importance of using Lakeland public relations to boost their businesses, instead choosing to rely on word of mouth. Others prefer traditional advertising, as they feel like they would get a more immediate response compared to using public relations to tell their story.

However, there are plenty of benefits to making use of Lakeland public relations, especially for small businesses, and here they are.

You get more bang for your buck

Some small business owners balk at the idea of having to hire a Lakeland public relations firm, especially when they feel like the money could be used for something else. However, you have to understand that public relations gives you the best value for your money.

Unlike advertising where you have to pay for every ad you run, you rely on the PR agency to send out your press releases, and handle your public image. It’s an easier way to get your name out there compared to other forms of marketing.

You have the chance to tell your story better

Using Lakeland public relations to tell your story guarantees that you have the chance to tell your story better, as you are allowed to say more in a press release.

This is completely different from advertising where you have to condense your points into short, snappy sentences, depending on how big your ad space it. This rather limits the amount of information you can provide, which can make it difficult for you to get your point across.

Customers will trust you more

Generally speaking, customers are more likely to trust information that they encounter on reputable sources, like the news. This is in direct opposition to advertising, which plenty of consumers don’t like.

This is because consumers like being in control of the purchases that they make, and advertising makes it feel like they’re being coerced into purchasing a product. If they see information about your business through media outlets however, they are more likely to trust this as a source of information, and be more interested in taking a look.