Social media started out as a fun way to connect with friends and family. We signed up to it with the intention of communication with friends from faraway places and reconnecting with family members we haven’t seen in years. We left Friendster testimonials on each other’s pages and we designed our MySpace with as much glittery flair as possible. Who would have thought that it would become the most affordable, most powerful, and most enticing avenue to apply those Lakeland public relations strategies on?

Small and big businesses are hiring social media managers to manage their accounts and build their reputation on this vast world of social media.

Develop marketing strategies

The social media manager should develop marketing strategies that are based on the goals of the business. How can these goals be reached using social media? That is the question that social media managers must ask themselves before developing a strategy.

Set up social media accounts

Once the strategy has been finalized, it is time to set up a social media account for the client. The account should reflect the name of the business, the operating hours, the price range, the website, address, and contact information. It is the responsibility of the social media manager to provide useful and important information on the client’s social media account.

Post content on behalf of the client

There should be a regular posting of content on the account. Content will not be limited to blog posts. There should be graphics, animations, photos, videos, links, and everything under the sun. The content should, of course, be related to the business.

Stay current and share trends relative to the client’s business

There is nothing worse than visiting a Facebook account that has not been updated in months. Sometimes, customers would think that the store has closed down or that the business was not operational anymore. Stay current and if there’s a latest trend on social media, try to get in on the fun by sharing useful content to your followers.

Increase the number of followers

There are different strategies you can use to increase the page’s number of followers. You can host a contest where the requirement is to follow the page for a chance to win a major prize. The goal is to accumulate as many followers as you can to help the business.

Engage with followers

Your followers will leave comments and suggestions on your page. Make sure to engage with your followers—answer their questions and reply to their comments. Make them feel that their engagement is important.