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Understanding the Role of SEO in Lakeland Public Relations

15 December

The role of SEO in press releases is often overshadowed by the need for these press releases to be distributed to the right media companies. A Lakeland public relations company tends to focus on reaching out to media outlets for these press releases to have space on their evening news and dailies. Sometimes, even the best PR experts forget that all PR and marketing strategies now are influenced by search engine optimization. 

Just imagine posting your press release on your own website. How are web users going to find the press release if it is not optimized for search engines? How will they know where to find it? Even if your audience knows that you’re going to drop a big announcement today, they have no way of searching for that announcement if they don’t know what it is. But using SEO and the proper keywords in your press release will give Google the relevant information it needs to rank your link higher on its search results. 

The same can be said for posting press releases on different platforms on the web. Whether you’re using paid or free platforms, you should maximize the opportunities that they present. Many people and journalists visit these platforms to check out any relevant topics to write about. They scourge the internet for topics that will be of interest to their audience. Your press release can be a standout if you’re using the proper keywords in it. 

And what about social media? Don’t you think social media play a role in targeting specific markets with your press release? You can post press releases on your social media pages, too. On the description page, you can use the proper keywords so these will appear on the search results page when social media users search for the relevant keywords. 

Then, of course, there’s the most important issue of backlinks. Press releases and SEO work best together when they are utilized for building backlinks. Blogs and other news outlets are always looking for relevant websites to link back to. This will give their posts more credibility in the eyes of both Google and web users. It’s a win-win situation because the more websites link back to your site, the better your ranking on search engines will be. So, your press releases need to be found. 

Using SEO on press releases is tricky, yes. Press releases are formal. They are structured and stiff. How can you insert a keyword naturally? It’s through research and creativity by your Lakeland public relations. Knowing these topics by heart will give you opportunities to integrate the keywords naturally.

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