Is the relationship between Lakeland public relations and corporate social responsibility (CSR) debatable? Is there a relationship to begin with? There are heated debates among experts that CSR is nothing more than a marketing ploy and that PR helps cultivate that. We cannot speak for all companies, except to say that CSR is part of a company’s role in society. Companies are required to give back to the community in which they belong. 


A study said that 91% of consumers expect companies to do more with the power given to them. They want to see companies using their money to responsibly address social and environmental issues. If they do, they’ll receive bigger support from their target market. Why? Because consumers use these companies to do their share of responding to social and environmental issues. 

When consumers support companies with great CSR, they feel that they are also a part of the good that they do. About 84% of consumers admit seeking out companies that do good and produce their products responsibly. 

PR and CSR

It’s important for Lakeland public relations to spread the word about a company’s CSR. PR should tell the world about the good things that a company does. Why not? Without PR, no one would notice the efforts being taken by a company to boost jobs in a community, support the well-being of families, and many others. 

It is unlikely that the world will notice about the role of a company in its immediate community. Their products would just be another product on the shelf. But without the support of consumers, how can a company continue its CSR programs? How can they generate more jobs for the community if no one buys their products?

But then again, there’s a simple rule to follow when it comes to using public relations on corporate social responsibility. The CSR must come before the PR. This means the PR will act as a vehicle to put light on the efforts of the company. It shares the progress being made through programs supported by the company. 

PR cannot come before the CSR happens. That will look like a publicity stunt. Customers don’t care for publicity stunts. They want authenticity. CSR will look like a marketing tool if it comes after the Lakeland public relations campaign. 

Although CSR is also used to improve a company’s bottom line, the true purpose of these programs is to give back to a company’s immediate community.