Lakeland public relations is a vital part of every business. One of the methods of a public relations firm when handling your business is to create an event that will target and attract the right audience.

The event, whether it’s a company anniversary or a launching of a new product, will hope to boost the company’s brand and allow journalists to think it’s worth their time to write about your business.

To rise above their inboxes and to get your company noticed, you need to do several things:

List the details of the event

Journalists don’t usually have time to read a whole copy. They will usually try to find the most pertinent information in a press release and decide there and then if the event is important to their coverage.

You have to list down the basic details of the event such as the name of the event, a short description of what the event is, where and when it will happen, the guests expected to come, etc.

Write a sponsorship and press pitch

These are two different press releases. If you’re asking for sponsorship, your copy must work around the numbers. It must show the potential sponsors the benefit of investing their money into your event. A press pitch is different because journalists are interested in the story behind those numbers.

Why would their readership be interested in your event? What is the value of this information to the general public? These are the questions you need to answer in your press pitch.

Leverage event headliners

One of the important reasons why journalists would be interested to attend your Lakeland public relations event is the people that will be there. If there’s an artist or a politician that they are after, make sure to tell them they will be available in your event.

This will increase the chances of them attending your event. And while they may not focus exactly on what you’re trying to do in your event, they will nonetheless be there and they have to mention your event if they will interview potential resources there.

Give publications advance notice

Online publications need about a month before the Lakeland public relations event so they can include you in their calendars. Print publications will require about two months.

The bigger the publication, the more lead time they will require. If you happen to invite them a week before the actual event, they may not have enough slot in their schedules to work you in it.