Meeting with prospective clients can be very difficult because there is a lot of pressure put on your shoulders. After all, often times, you will only have one chance to persuade the clients to hire your Lakeland public relations company. Your pitch needs to be perfect. Otherwise, the clients will simply move over to the next company in their list.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

There’s nothing worse than a PR agent who has not prepared for a meeting with a prospective client. You need to research about the client, his business, and the needs of his business. If possible, make an outline of your agenda.

What is the first order of business? You should be clear about your intentions. You need to lay out to the clients your plans for his business. You could also send the agenda before the meeting, so the client is aware and can expect what’s about to come.

Look and act professionally

Even if you are pitching to a close friend, you should always be professional in your manner of presentation. If you are meeting with someone from the political sector, you must dress the part and be in business attire. That will show your prospective client that you are serious about clinching the deal.

If you’re meeting with someone from an edgy technology startup company, you can tone down the attire a bit. If you are unsure, dress always in business casual, which means a smart pantsuit for the ladies and slacks and long-sleeved polo for the guys.

Avoid meeting clients in your office

Being in your office will cause a lot of distractions—your secretary will call you for a meeting, another client will arrive, your phone will ring, your workmates will get into an argument, etc.

You won’t be able to focus on the topics that need to be discussed with the prospective client. You need a neutral space where both of you will not be distracted by your personal and professional lives.

Listen to what your client needs

Meetings can be stressful, especially when you are pressured to seal the deal with the client. Even amid the stress of the meeting, do not forget to listen to what your client needs and wants.

Do not forget to ask him what the goals of his company are. Keep to your list of talking points and to your agenda, so both of you won’t divert far from the goal of the meeting.