In business, you will often find out that you cannot do all things by yourself, no matter if you’re a superhero in the disguise of a businessman. You’ll have to delegate tasks to other people, which is the reason why you need to hire competent and skilled people to manage your business for you. one of the things you have to decide on is hiring or building in-house a Lakeland public relations team. You have two options and the choice all boils down to what you need and what you can afford.

Why Build an In-house PR Team?

An in-house PR team knows your company better. They understand the dynamics and politics and they won’t have to waste time understanding how everything works.

They are a part of it, which also means they care more about the company’s success. If it goes down, they go down with it. They have major investments in the company, too, in terms of time, energy, and sometimes, even resources.

In-house PR teams are also beneficial to the company as a whole because whatever connections the team builds, it is yours to keep. You are not simply tapping the agency’s connections. You are creating and building your own relationships with suppliers and experts. The same cannot be said if you use an agency PR.

However, in-house PR teams are expensive. You would have to pay them even if there’s no issue to handle. They will merely be supplementals to your marketing team. You would have to provide benefits and compensation on a regular basis.

Why Hire a PR Agency?

On the other hand, you have the option to simply choose the best PR team in the land and let them handle your PR crisis. They have vast experience in handling PR situations. They are skilled.

They have more people, although you don’t have to pay them individually since you pay on a per-project basis. The agency will be the one to handle and manage their team.

These PR agencies have also built relationships with media outlets, making it easier for them to disseminate information about your business. They can use these relationships to fire up your brand reputation. If you are facing a PR crisis, they can also use these connections to correct the public image of your company.

Whichever way you want to go—and we know it’s not an easy decision to make—the point is you need Lakeland public relations to build your brand’s character and help you reach out to your target market.