People love hearing the answers straight from the horse’s mouth. That means that when an issue is plaguing you or the company that you represent, people would love to hear what you have to say about it. They think they are better judges of the validity and the truthfulness of your answers through your body language and the way you answer the questions. To be successful in convincing the people to turn to your side, you have to develop a great Lakeland public relations strategy.

One of the most successful tools you can use is TV interviews. By simply choosing the right TV program and host that people believe are trustworthy, you can turn the negativities of an issue into a positive one.

Know what the issue is all about

What is the issue all about? Who does it involve? How many are affected? Who are the stakeholders? You need to know what the issue is all about—where it began, how it began, what was its root cause, and who will benefit from the issues/s. It helps to zone in on what the real issue is and hot it can be dealt with in a smart manner.

Get all sides of the stories

If there are stakeholders who have been inadvertently affected by the issues that your clients face, then you need to get their sides in order to understand the best way to address the problems. Don’t push your clients to face the interviewer not knowing how to answer certain questions. You’ve got to have everything covered—the good and the not-so-good. You cannot solely focus on clearing the client’s name. Before reaching that point, your clients needs to be able to answer all questions in a believable manner.

Remember to have a calm demeanor

When doing interviews, don’t be easily annoyed or triggered by certain questions. Journalists know how to push your buttons and they are out to do just that—to receive the kind of reaction that would look great on television. Don’t create another problem just because you are not able to control your anger or your mood. Remain calm throughout the interview, even if the questions are borderline annoying.

Answer all questions eloquently

And remember, answer everything eloquently, as much as you can. Give as much truthful information as you can, so that people would remember and learn to trust you next time. If an issue exists, it is because it matters to the public. As a politician, a businessman, or an influential personality, it is your duty to answer the issues that your company or policy faces.