In the Lakeland public relations industry, it can get pretty nerve-wracking to hear from clients that they’re waiting for their press releases and content to get published on large publications. However, as a public relations professional, you have to be realistic about the media channels that your clients can reach, and top international publications are an unrealistic goal for smaller businesses. 

There is no problem with aiming lower, however. In fact, this can prove to be very effective for smaller businesses. To learn more about this, find out what you should be doing if you can’t reach top publications with your Lakeland public relations strategy.

Focus on a specific niche

Even if you can’t aim for top publications with your public relations doesn’t mean that you should think of your strategy as a failure. Understanding that you can’t aim for top publications is an indicator that all you really have to do is rethink your strategy. 

For smaller businesses or specific industries, this means narrowing down your focus to specific publications that focus on your client’s niche. Even if trade publications have much smaller readerships compared to larger publications, their specific nature can prove to be more valuable to your clients.

It’s a smaller readership, yes, but each and every one of those readers is interested in that specific niche, which will make a much bigger overall impact for your clients. 

Think outside the box

Getting your Lakeland public relations pitch to top publications is a great goal, but sometimes you’re going to have to think outside the box when it comes to getting your pitches to wider audiences. Remember, as the age of online technology is well underway, you should definitely be looking into online channels which can help increase your audience base. 

Fortunately, online tech has made it much easier for people to create platforms for themselves and which they can use to reach out to a large audience. For example, podcasts are a good example of this. Plenty of online users are listening to podcasts throughout the day, on the way to school or work, for example. 

Another significant benefit that you get from podcasts is the fact that podcasts cater to a specific audience, depending on the covered topics. Like trade publications, these are a great way to get as many eyes on your client’s content. These are infinitely more valuable because these are people who are interested in this specific niche.