When it comes to the relations industry, the difference branches are usually mixed up with one another. Among the difference branches, some of the most commonly misunderstood ones are Lakeland public relations and media relations.

It makes sense why they would be mistaken for the other since, at face value, they seem to focus on the same kind of relations. After all, isn’t the media just a part of the public?

However, if you’re looking for relations services in the area, or you’re thinking of joining the industry, it’s important for you to learn the difference between the two. There are specific factors that make up the differences between Lakeland public relations and media relations. Learn what these are.

Public relations

Simply put, public relations involves services that help improve your image in the public eye. Basically, public relations companies handle your public image and make sure that you and your company is viewed in a positive light by the public.

Public relations are very important because if your company is viewed favorably by the public, it can do wonders for your company sales. However, the opposite also holds true.

Media relations

On the other hand, media relations represents a more specific field of public relations. Media relations handles the media aspect of public relations, which means the press and news.

They build relationships with the press and journalists, and they help make sure that all the information that the press receives is accurate and best represents the interests of your company.


The main difference between public relations and media relations is the channels that they use in order to get the message out there. Public relations encompasses a wide variety of channels, from the media to online channels like online blogs and social media.

They make use of all of these channels to deliver the message that they’re trying to send. On the other hand, media relations are a branch of public relations focused on media channels to send that message. Media channels are great for providing third-party validity to a story or to your company.

The two can work together to serve a purpose

While these two certainly have their differences, it’s important to remember that neither one is better than the other to serve a client’s purpose.

Public relations focuses on creating the message that you’re trying to say, while media relations can be used to spread that message using the press and the media. These two branches are very effective in accomplishing a shared goal of putting out a message to the public.