Every battle today in Lakeland public relations and in marketing begins and ends on social media. If you have a viral post about a product or a service, it is considered a win in the PR category. Social media are where your intended audience lounges, rests, and spends an alarmingly huge amount of time.

If you aren’t sure who your market is going to be, test a few posts on social media. The result of the likes, shares, and comments will tell you who are most interested in what your company has to offer.

PR strategies often suffer from misconceptions that they are advertisements in disguise. They are not. The proper definition of a PR strategy is the method of gaining exposure to their audiences by using topics of public interest and news items that must not require payments like advertisements.

Viral video production

If you want to test your market, better make a viral video that lasts only for a few minutes, two at the most. When people make purchase decisions, they want affirmation that they are making the right choice.

Viral video production will not only help boost brand awareness and recognition, but it will also influence your target market to follow a “trend.” Nowadays, people can’t help but be consumed by social media and follow the trends they see there. If you can create a viral video post, that will be extremely helpful to your business.


Those funny quotes and anecdotes that have been circulating social media for the past decade? They now have a name. They are called memes. These are ideas, behaviors, or styles that spread within a culture, often aiming to convey a message, a theme, a representation, or a phenomenon. Memes are increasingly effective methods of promoting products and influencing the consumerist behavior of a customer.

Expert interviews

People are looking for relevant information about the products and services they are planning to purchase. Industry leaders will make great subjects for interviews. You can post the interviews as blog posts, as transcripts, an audio file, or as video production.

It is important to highlight the importance of the subject in the industry your business is in. Otherwise, people will not be compelled to listen and hear what they have to say.


Influencers are the new breed of celebrities on social media. They have a huge following and they have massive clout to influence their followers’ purchase decisions. If you want to make sure that your PR strategies will reach the target audience on social media, you may have to look into who the influencers are in your industry.