Companies have to be responsible to their customers and clients at all times. This is even more important during the Covid-19 pandemic when thousands of businesses suddenly find themselves in limbo. Should they permanently close down? Can they weather the storm? But more than that, how are they going to reach out to their customers and what are they going to say? That’s how important Lakeland public relations is to companies right now.

Responsible communication is at the core of every PR strategy during a Covid-19 world. Companies must inform their clients and customers if there were confirmed Covid-19 cases within their staff. The same goes if they were able to trace that one of their customers had Covid-19. They have to be responsible enough to inform health experts and the general public about the possible exposure.

Depending on the nature of your business, you need to constantly communicate with your customers. If your business was one of those that needed to close during the height of the outbreak, then you should have communicated with your customers when you plan to be back and where they can reach you in the meantime.

If you didn’t transition to a digital store, the least you can do is leave an email address that they can write to if there are post-sales questions about some of the products they bought from your store in the past.

Update Customers Regularly

Have there been changes in your status since the pandemic was announced in March? If so, make sure that you have already reached out to your customers about it.

Don’t just appear on their feed one day as if nothing happened. Explain what happened to your company when you had to close down because of the pandemic. If you are opening now, what actions have you taken to ensure that your place of business is safe? Are there new safety measures in place that weren’t there before?

If you are investing in “anti-Covid” technologies such as an air purifier, make sure that your customers know about it, too. It’s good for your business to keep them updated about the investments you are making to ensure their safety in your store.

Be Honest

A lot of businesses have to close down because of the pandemic. If you are lucky enough to still remain open, be honest to your customers that this was not because you were lucky or that you were infallible. Recognize the people (your employees) who made it possible for you to still remain open despite the pandemic. This is great for your Lakeland public relations as it will greatly improve your reputation.