There is nothing more nerve-wracking than having to prepare a press conference to complement your Lakeland public relations goals. The client is dependent on this press conference to be successful but no one really knows for sure until the final piece has been written and published by the media outlets invited.

Before anything else, make sure to invite the most relevant media outlets to your press conference. It is also important to time your press conference when there are no other important events happening. This will give the journalist the time to attend your event, prepare questions, and if they find your information fulfilling and important, even write about the topics you discussed.

Choose A Convenient Location

Sometimes, all it takes is a location far from convenient from journalists for them to forget all about attending your event. Make sure you are located in the thick of things, which means where journalists usually converge.

If it’s important for you to be in a particular location because it is included in the topic to be discussed such as a new hotel venture or a new resort, you should provide a means of transportation for your journalists-friends. They’ll more likely attend the event if it can easily be accessible.

Do Not Bury The Lead In Your Press Release

Your Lakeland public relations press release and press materials should be shouting the topic and the message you want journalists and the public to know.

Do not allow the journalists to make their own conclusions because hard-hitting journalists can see through the façade easily and maybe even find something you are not prepared to divulge.

Be upfront with your message and prepare your speakers for any questions that may arise prior to the press conference.

Start On Time

Be on time. Make sure the room is prepared for the journalists when they arrive. And make sure that your speakers will be there on time and will finish on time, too. Journalists are everywhere. They don’t attend one press conference and have the rest of the day for themselves.

They are constantly in motion, trying to run after a source and beating the deadlines. Respect their time so they don’t get annoyed with you and make you suffer the next time you try to invite them for a press conference.

The key to a successful Lakeland public relations press conference is preparedness. If you are prepared for any situations that might arise, you can find solutions in an instant.