If there is one formula you need to follow when it comes to Lakeland public relations, it is this: you need to hire a good writer who knows how to attract journalists and editors to read your PR and publish it on their newspaper or air it on their TV shows. 

The success of your public relations strategy depends on the journalist and reporters and editors who will believe in your bitch. When you send a press release to a journalist, do you think that he or she will automatically open that email? Reporters have a lot on their plates.

They do not have time for press releases that are lacking in material and information. That is why you need a good writer to compose a press release that reporters and editors will decide to be important for their media organizations.

What Does a Good Writer Know? 

A good writer knows how to catch the attention of a reporter. A good writer knows how to write an attractive headline that will make a reporter open the email sent to him or her. A good writer also knows how to compose the press release in such a way that it will make it easier for reporters and editors to find the information that they deem to be important for their leaders and viewers.

When you employ a good writer in your team, you’ll never have to worry about the quality of the press release that you send to media organizations. You will be assured that your press release will be written in such a way that represents your brand in the best possible way.

There is a formula that works for every good writer. This formula is commonly known as the inverted pyramid. Basically, it works like this: the first paragraph will be a detailed explanation of the problem, mostly answering the 5W’s and 1H; the body of the article will give out more information about the first paragraph, using statistics and interviews; and finally, the last paragraphs are you going to be dedicated to the background of the problem and other related information.

Why should it be structured this way? This empowers the editors to remove the last paragraphs if they think that the article is too long for the newspaper. They could also eliminate those paragraphs if there is not enough time for a TV broadcast.

This is the kind of knowledge that a good writer will bring to your team and will improve your Lakeland public relations. If you have a good writer in your team right now, make sure to take care of this writer because he or she can bring your business to success by pitching good articles.