A few months from now, we are going deep into recession if we are not already in one now. The Covid-19 pandemic has more than just upended businesses. It also puts in limbo the relationships developed between businesses and customers. Now more than ever, businesses have to choose between selling and being cognizant of their customers’ struggles. How do businesses navigate that tricky area? By using Lakeland public relations, of course. 

Consumers have changed their priorities and preferences because of the pandemic. What used to be their disposable income to buy things from your store will now be used to augment their daily budget. They will start saving because the future is uncertain. So unless your products are a necessity, you will be hard-pressed to convince them that they need you. 

What remains is to continue growing that relationship with them. You must ensure that your relationship with your customers will survive the pandemic. This is the most important thing you can do right now. 

Humanize Your Company

Your customers have to understand that you have been heavily impacted, too, by the pandemic. You can use Lakeland public relations to let them know how your company has lost resources and profit because of the lockdown and other government measures. Spell out the steps you are taking to help your employees, stakeholders, and even the customers. The ideal vehicles to do this are your company’s mailing lists and social media profiles. 

Educate Customers About New Processes

You have closed down your physical store temporarily. You’re only accepting orders online. Educate your consumers about how they are going to reach you.

If there are changes in your operating hours, facility, staff, and customer service availability, make sure they know about it. Since there are government regulations that have to be followed, it’s more beneficial for your company to show your customers you are being proactive. 

Assure the Customers

What do they love about your company? Is it the great customer service? Is it the freebies? The contests? Continue doing these things albeit on social media.

You can still offer the same things that the customers have come to love about your business. This is a reminder to them that though everything has changed for now, you will still be consistently providing the values they have come to love about your business. 

Once you are assured by your Lakeland public relations that your relationships with the customers are iron-clad, you can then tackle what might happen in the future. The pandemic is no small feat. Make sure that your business is resilient against more problems.