More than 76% of journalists say that they think about their stories’ social media sharing ability before writing them. It means journalists are more concerned about the ability of their stories to reach social media users than how they can be perceived in a newspaper and television. Lakeland public relations companies must conform to the standards as well. They must think about the impact of their stories on social media users. They should effectively use social media as part of a greater PR strategy.

Develop Relationships With the Media and Influencers

It used to be that the communication between PR experts and journalists was only through press releases. But public relations changed over the last decade. PR people now understand the important role of media relationships in the industry. If you want to be successful as a PR expert, you need to interact with journalists, media outlets, and influencers on social media.

But your relationship with the media extends far beyond the professional realm. It should be more than just about the press release pitch. If you can develop a relationship with the media beyond professional constraints, there is an increased chance for your clients to gain media coverage with the right outlets.

Facilitate the Brand Message 

Social media is the easiest way to distribute content to journalists and influencers. PR experts maximize the use of social media by controlling the type of content that’s posted on social media, as well as ensuring that the proper message is sent each time. The content should be aligned with the company values and public relations campaign objectives. Never share irrelevant content with the media. It won’t do your clients any good. 

Allow Social Sharing of Press Releases

Incorporating social-sharing abilities on press releases will allow readers and journalists to distribute your intended message to your audience. You can do so by embedding relevant social-sharing links on the digital press release. This will also promote engagement among social media users. 

Create Campaign Hashtags

Hashtags will enable you to follow conversations online. This is extremely important if you want to know what your audience is up to. As for journalists, they use the same hashtag so their readers can search for their stories using the hashtag you created. It’s a cycle, really, but it’s one that works for both the campaign and the journalists. 

Lakeland public relations should not be a paradox. Combined with social media, it has the power to elevate any marketing campaign to success.