When the World Health Organization (WHO) announced in March that the Covid-19 disease is a pandemic, did we even think that we’ll reach this point? As the total number of cases reached 5.7 million and with more than 350,000 deaths, we now understand that this is no small matter. It will hit economies, more so industries that rely on the mass gathering of people such as Lakeland public relations events. 

PR experts do their best work while rubbing elbows with industry experts, celebrities, influencers, and journalists. And yet, here they are at the cusp of one of the most important changes in the industry—a pandemic that does not allow mass gatherings, espouses physical distancing, and halts businesses. How can experts use this pandemic to their advantage?

Understand the New Norm

If you’re in an area where businesses are starting to open, classes are resuming, and people are going back to their “normal” routine, you need to understand that this isn’t a world where you can freely roam around and talk with people. The government still demands that its people wear masks in public and that they refrain from mass gatherings of all kinds. 

Look at the WHO recommendations, as well as your own state’s policies on the new norm. Try to fit into these new rules. If you are not allowed to host, organize, and attend events, then so be it. However, you need to find alternatives, or your profession will suffer. 

Train the Team to Work From Home

How can you help curb the spread of the infection? Send your employees and team members home. Understand that this isn’t just about an industry trying to thrive. It’s about the human race. Maximize the benefits that technology has brought.

Train your team to work from home. Sure, they may not be organizing events right now, but there are plenty of ways to do your work in the Lakeland public relations that do not involve organizing events. 

Offer Virtual Events

You need to find alternatives and be creative. The best way to continue your engagement with your clients and stakeholders is through holding virtual meetings and events. Google has just launched its own meeting platform.

There are other services that are free to use for now, too. Maximize these platforms. Bring together your team for your weekly meeting. Also, you can use these platforms to invite clients and customers who may want to speak and discuss things with you. 

The pandemic shouldn’t stop you from doing what you do best, which is to market and promote your clients’ businesses.