The main goal behind any good Lakeland public relations strategy is improving your company’s image in the public. This is accomplished through various channels like online blogs, television, and the media. Out of all of these channels, media coverage is one of the most highly sought after ones.

Even in an age where we get all of our information from the internet, the media still plays a significant role in how we obtain information. Because of this, plenty of public relations strategies involve obtaining media coverage.

Once you have obtained media coverage as a result of your Lakeland public relations strategy, you should never let it be the end of that. After getting the media coverage that you worked for, here are some additional Lakeland public relations tips to make the most of it.

Share it on social media

Of course, if you have good media coverage, you would want to share it with an even wider network for additional coverage.

You can have the higher-ups in your company share the media coverage on their own social media pages. This is a great way to widen your audience and to increase visibility for your company.

If you’re going to be sharing it on social media, make sure that you keep in mind how the different platforms work and to tailor your shared content to fit in well with the social media platforms that you choose.

Showcase it on your newsletter

Newsletters are common for companies and websites. This is another way that you can spread the word about your media coverage with your customers and users. You can run a short piece on the media coverage in the newsletter in order to inform your customer base about it.

You don’t have to run an entire page on the coverage, you can attach a link to it and write a short paragraph about it in the newsletter.

Use it as a part of a sales pitch

Good media coverage is always a good thing for a business. You can use any good media coverage as a way to leverage your sales pitches to attract new business.

You can send the media coverage to any new potential clients or customers and explain how the company can be a benefit to the client. Good media coverage is a way to show potential clients that your company can be trusted and is great for a company’s reputation.

Include it in your website

Of course, you can also include this in your business website. This helps guarantee that any user that visits your website can see the media coverage, which will hopefully give them more information about your business.