At its core, Lakeland public relations is in the business of telling stories, believe it or not. Everything from press releases and market research boil down to the idea that you’re doing all of this to tell a story to your audience. 

And like any other piece of content that you use for marketing and relations, there is a lot of merit to reusing old content. You may be wondering what the point of reusing old content would be. After all, once the story has been told who would care about hearing it again? 

The great thing about reusing old content is that if it worked well the first time, it’ll work great again when you reuse it. The key point here is to reuse good content that has worked well in the past. But how do you make old content new again? Here are some tips to help you out with your Lakeland public relations.

Try a new platform

One of the first things that you can do to give your old content a new feel is by working it for another platform that is widely used today. For example, if the original story was created in a blog post or a written press release form, you can consider repurposing it in a podcast or even video format. 

The main idea here is to repackage it in a way that it feels fresh and appeals to your current audience. This is one of the most basic ways to get your content to feel fresh. 

Keep your new audience in mind

Not only should you be delivering your content in a way that feels new, but there may be certain aspects of the content as a whole that needs to be redone as well. This can mean anything from rewriting the message to fit current trends or applying new visuals to appeal to current audiences. 

Again, like the last point, this is mainly to make sure that your content stays relevant to current audiences, which helps boost its chances of resonating with audiences today. 

Connect it to current issues

If you’re looking to get your content noticed, it helps to choose content that is relevant to any current issues your society is dealing with nowadays. This is one of the best ways to make sure that old content gets noticed. It’s all a matter of keeping it relevant to current conversations. 

Promote your content

Of course, like any other release for your Lakeland public relations, you’re going to want to build some buzz around your content to get the audience’s attention. It is a bit unrealistic to publish something and hope that it will be an instant success. 

To get as many eyes on it as possible, you should definitely be working on promotions to guarantee that people will be interested in reading about it when it comes out.