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How Your Relationship With The Media Can Affect Lakeland Public Relations

12 April

When you think about Lakeland public relations, you might be mistakingly focusing on your business’ relationship with the clients. This is not the way it works. First and foremost, a PR agency or department must focus on strengthening its relationship with the media, the very same organization that can make or break every PR effort you could possibly manage to come up with.

To whom are your press releases dedicated and addressed to? To the media, right? Press releases are written in such a way that will influence the media to react positively by creating stories and articles and media content that are beneficial to the company. These are not written with the general public in mind.

Although some of these are also published on the website and on social media, allowing the general public to consume and gather information from it, they have always been written in a way that will make it easy for the journalists to get to the crux of the matter.

So, this is why, in a nutshell, maintaining a good working relationship with a media outfit is important. They can quite easily ignore your PR efforts and let you deal with the people (your target consumers) alone.

But allow us to remind you that a large portion of the population still listens more to the media rather than directly to the company. They still put their trust in the media, believing that they have their best interest at heart.

While there is nothing wrong with directly engaging with clients, most of them won’t believe what you say. After all, you’re protecting your own skin, right? This is why it’s important to pass the message through the media. This is why this medium exists between the Lakeland public relations and the target market.

For years, the media have built a pretty solid reputation for delivering relevant and accurate information to the general public. We are used to hearing important announcements and news from the media.

Our brains are programmed to believe what the media say, which is why PR departments would do well strengthening their relationship with media companies as the media know quite well the power they have in influencing the opinions and reactions of the public.

Simple things like checking in on the editors, sending small trinkets of appreciation, and sponsoring media events will go a long way in building ties between a Lakeland public relations and a media company.

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