Lakeland public relations is one of those industries that will always continue to adapt alongside the technologies that were readily available at the time. Before, press releases and media relations were the primary forms of public relations available, and this is what public relations became well known for.

Today, it is much easier to get content out through online tech, and yet again, public relations has done well to adapt to these technologies.

Because a significant number of target audiences use social media, it’s very important for companies to learn how to use this in their public relations strategies. Here are some ways to use social media in your Lakeland public relations strategy.

Contribute as a guest blogger

Social media has provided many of us with a stronger voice and a wider audience to listen to us. One way to get your company’s name out as an industry expert is by contributing content and articles to related websites that fall in line with your company’s industry. By creating quality content, you are establishing your company as a source of information that can be trusted within the industry.

Use LinkedIn for professional content

All social media platforms can be used to strengthen your company’s public image, as long as you know how to use it appropriately. LinkedIn is well known for being a more professional social media platform, and it’s important to learn how to use it as such.

You can let prominent members of your company provide status updates about your company so that your professional peers can know about what’s currently going on with your company.

Learn how to work with and use influencers to market products

If you’re a product based company, you can reach out and connect with influencers to review your products. Influencers are an integral part of the online community, and they play a significant role in getting the word out to online users about products that they might be interested in purchasing.

If you have a product that is rather complicated to use, online influencers can show users how to use these products and show them how these products fulfill a need they may have.

Journalism isn’t dead

With the rise of social media, plenty of people have assumed that the media relations part of Lakeland public relations is now nonexistent. This isn’t true, journalism isn’t dead, it simply moved to another platform. You can use social media to reach out to journalists.

However, with social media, your approach to reaching out to them is different from how you would reach out to them through press releases. Remember that journalists are still human beings, and copy-pasting a pitch online isn’t going to work. Learn how to talk to them like you would a normal person without coming off like you’re forcing them to listen to your pitch.