It is not uncommon that politicians, athletes, celebrities, and businessmen will encounter some bad public relations at some point in their lives. It is part of being in the limelight. It is the price you pay for being famous or powerful or rich.

But it’s not entirely impossible as well to fix a reputation that has been badly affected by a scandal or an issue. All you need is a great Lakeland public relations strategy and you should be able to come out on top even after a bad scandal to your person or your company.

Know the issues

What was the issue all about? How did it start? How far and wide was its reach? Before creating a strategy that would address the issue and rebuild the reputation of a client, a PR agent would first need to know everything about the issues—where and how it started, what the causes were, how bad was the reputation affected, if the sales of the business was targeted, etc. There is no way we could address an issue without knowing its history, its background.

Identify who were affected by the issue

Who are the people who have been affected by the issue/s? If it’s a political issue, it is very likely that the electorate and the politician’s family are affected. If it’s a matter of a scandal involving a celebrity, then the people who were affected are the celebrity, his friends and family, his fans, his agent, and his coworkers in a movie or a TV show.

Businessmen would naturally worry about their companies and their clients. Athletes might suffer from bad performances and they may receive backlash from fans of the opposing team. As a PR agent, you have to identify each and every individual or group that will be adversely affected by the issue involving your client.

Meet with the stakeholders

One of the first things you should do is to meet with the stakeholders—your clients, the people affected, the business managers, etc. You would then get an overall feel of what each of them want to happen and how they see the issue.

This is a critical step in the creation of a sound public relations strategy that would not only rebuild your client’s reputation, but would also take into consideration the feelings and the situations of the people who were affected by the issue/s.

Create a multimedia strategy

Finally, create a strategy that would attack the issue from all angles. Make sure that the message will be sent via multiple channels—the tri-media and the internet. Maximizing all channels available to you will enable you to reach everyone who has heard and was affected by the issue.